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Vegan Friendly, Skin Kind & Microbead Free Spa in Devon

New Spa at the Woolacombe Bay Hotel.

Vegan Friendly, Skin Kind & Microbead Free Spa in Devon

The next generation of spa is coming to North Devon— in February 2019. It brings with it a chance for you to focus on yourself. Properly focus on yourself.

Our Alchemist Spa has a diverse range of trending, cutting-edge and soulful treatments. This includes skin resurfacing, using black volcanic sand from Iceland, and being wrapped in 23 carat gold. Sounds eccentric, sure—but many things do, that end up being the norm. You’ll be ahead of the curve.

In the old days, some patchouli oil and lavender were the height of sensuousness. Spa treatments, botanical ingredients, and creativity have come a long way.

Some of the infusions at the Alchemist Spa

Lime and lemongrass, bladderwrack and peppermint, strawberries and cream, geranium and grapefruit, nectarine and honey, fig and vanilla, yuzu, pink beets and watermelon, columbian rush coffee and wild rose.

We use vegan products.

Vegan Friendly, Skin Kind & Microbead Free Spa in Devon

No animal derivatives or testing.

If you’re vegan, you’ll understand how little effort has been made in the past to accommodate. Especially in the mainstream.

Unfortunately, we can’t commit to all our beauty and spa products being vegan—but most of them are. We’ll be very clear on what is, and what isn’t.

We want you to feel at ease visiting The Alchemist Spa, knowing you won’t accidentally use something that’s against your philosophy. It’s not fair to plead ignorance anymore—times have changed, for the better.

Methylisothiazolinone free.

Vegan Friendly, Skin Kind & Microbead Free Spa in Devon

Or MI for short. This is a potent synthetic biocide. Essentially, it’s a preservative and has the definition of a “chemical substance intended to destroy, deter, render harmless, or exert a controlling effect on any harmful organism” (according to European legislation).

Its purpose is to stop beauty and cosmetic products from degrading so quickly. But, it sounds harsh, and is. Over the years the use of MI has increased.

Scientific studies are showing that MI could be causing contact dermatitis, and having a negative impact on the health of our skin. All for the sake of preserving.

The symptoms of contact dermatitis range from red, itchy patches, to blistering and swelling. Some people’s bodies mistake MI for a hostile threat (and why not), which is what triggers an intense allergic reaction.

At the Alchemist Spa the products are natural and kind to your skin.

No microbeads, ever again.

Vegan Friendly, Skin Kind & Microbead Free Spa in Devon

At the Woolacombe Bay Hotel in Devon, we’re a hop, skip, and a jump from the North Atlantic Ocean. The wild blue.

Every day, we have the privilege of gazing out to sea—feeling the salt wind in our hair—listening to the roar of the waves. Nature’s answer to relaxation music.

We love our slice of Devon coast. And we love the world’s oceans. It worries us knowing how poorly we, as humans, have treated our marine environments. Microplastic pollution is at epidemic levels.

It’s causing hurt to sea creatures around the globe.

Contributing to plastic pollution in our oceans, are microbeads, used in cosmetic products. Often for exfoliation.

Our new Alchemist Spa will never use a product containing microbeads. This was always going to be the case. But, the rest of the UK has finally woken. There’s now a UK wide ban on microbeads in cosmetics and for personal care. Hooray! It’s a start.

Why visit a spa.

Vegan Friendly, Skin Kind & Microbead Free Spa in Devon

Visiting a spa is all about your personal wellbeing. Firstly, you visit a spa to relax and reduce your stress levels.  

Secondly, you visit to feel happier. To feel better about yourself. This happens naturally, when you take time to unwind, and cleanse yourself.

If you visit spas regularly, you’ll be a pro at relaxing. It gives you a strong foundation to meet life’s stresses. Riding the waves, not being lashed by them. 

What’s on offer at the Alchemist Spa?

Vegan Friendly, Skin Kind & Microbead Free Spa in Devon

It has the full works.

Bespoke facials, hot rock and Reiki massages, wraps and scrubs, manicures, pedicures, Rasul bathing experiences, Japanese bathing, reflexology and more.

The Alchemist Spa is for everyone. For men and women, younger or older, for pregnant ladies, for sports people, for girly breaks, for manly breaks, for neither—for a couple’s escape. Feeling special and rejuvenated shouldn’t be exclusive.

SALT Gym—advanced fitness hub. Devon's first.

Vegan Friendly, Skin Kind & Microbead Free Spa in Devon

You cannot climb a mountain from the comfort of an arm chair. We’ve all, at some point, promised ourselves the same thing. To get fit, lose weight and achieve the self we want.

If you’re ready for the challenge, you could do some star jumps. You could buy some pricey running shoes and jog around the block. Or down the lane. Functional and bland.   

Or, you could be one of the first to enter our SALT Gym. Here, state of the art fitness equipment makes losing weight and toning up easier.

At the SALT Gym we use Keiser Krush 30 and Versaclimb—revolutionary fitness programmes. You’ll be able to monitor your performance in real time too, with high-tech display screens.

There will also be health and fitness experts on hand to create personalised monthly plans for members.

Having the Alchemist Spa and SALT Gym together, as an all-in-one wellbeing centre is possibly a first for Devon.

Read more.

Neo Cinema. Retro filmic experience.

Vegan Friendly, Skin Kind & Microbead Free Spa in Devon

Making a night at the movies special once more.

With the rise of online streaming and downloading, cinemas have taken a hit. There was a time cinemas were the only place to see the latest blockbuster.

Visiting one was more of an event than it is now. Less throw away. More exciting.

Our Neo Cinema is an aesthetic nod to the Golden Age of Hollywood, with classic stylings. So, of course, it’ll show golden oldies—alongside the very best in modern cinema. It will be part of special breaks and available for private hire.

Making Waves Special Offer

Vegan Friendly, Skin Kind & Microbead Free Spa in Devon

As part of the grand opening of the Alchemist Spa, SALT Gym and Neo Cinema we’re offering a real bargain.

Immerse yourself in our new wellness experience for only £80 per person, per night.

This runs from the 15th February—23rd May 2019.

Multiple nights can be booked, and there’s a £25 spend per person, per night, on a finely prepared dinner in Doyle’s Restaurant or the Bay Brasserie.

This will be an extremely popular offer, so please don’t hesitate. The coast is calling. 


Book Now—01271 870388