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Freestyle workouts

A boutique gym in North Devon, SALT Gymnasia is home to a carefully curated selection of scientifically-proven equipment from both industry leaders and lesser-known trailblazers.

Our machines are equipped with Keiser Pneumatic Technology, using compressed air to power your workout, so forget pinloaded weights. Whether you’re a first-time gym goer or a pro-athlete, our kit will give you a safer, easier, more efficient way to boost power output. You’ll improve core stability and gain overall muscle performance.



6.30am – 8pm, Mon – Friday*
10.00am – 6pm, Saturday & Sunday

* Please note that the Gym Floor is temporarily unavailable during Keiser Krush & Keiser S & C classes – check timetable.

Gym Floor workouts are commitment-free with our 7-Day Freestyle Gym Pass. Staying in the hotel? Access to the Gym Floor is included.

This pass allows you unlimited freestyle sessions on the gym floor from 8am ’til close, daily.

1 WEEK = £30

To buy your Freestyle Gym Pass. Simply click below, login or create an account and got to ‘Memberships’ in your account menu. Alternatively, call 01271 872102, or email [email protected]. You will receive an access card valid for 7 days.

+ Staying with us? Use of the gym floor is included in your stay and you can book classes for £5. You will receive a special guest discount code when you check-in; booking is available online.




The military press is great for back of arms, triceps and shoulders as well as upper chest.

Try this machine on a pressure of 8kg for a range of 8-15 repetitions, concentrating on good form. Engage the muscles so that you feel them slightly tighten. To train specifically for power, try 1-3 reps. Push as fast as you possibly can away from you at a strong resistance before returning slowly towards your chest.


This is a front thigh (quadriceps) dominant menace of a machine. Both this and the leg curl are generally recommended to regain or improve strength in the muscles around your knee joints. Sit back, shoulders up and look forward.

Little resistance of a pressure of 10kg for 10 repetitions should be enough for you to feel the contraction. Go for 2-3 sets of 10 repetitions.


The Leg Press is particularly good for front and back of the upper thigh (your quadriceps and hamstrings) and the back of the lower leg (calf) can be isolated. This is a big movement, lots of muscles used and calories burned.

Try 40kg-60kg for 12-15 repetitions but ensure that you feel your muscles, when you do you can stop. 2-3 sets are a great start. Go for speed! Pump your legs fast for 30 seconds for a cardiovascular blast and overall leg burn.


The Performance Trainer is a single-column pulley system. It’s wall mounted and can be configured into various cable movements. With this machine you can squat, lunge, push and pull as well as jump with added cable resistance.

Set the resistance low and try a squat row. Attach the handles at chest height and face the machine roughly one metre away from it. Bend your knees into a seated row. Repeat at a resistance of 8-12kg, 15-20 times for 2-3 sets.


Feel the burn in your legs and central body with no impact air running. First, set the resistance high so that the peddles hold you in place. Then step in and gradually reduce the pressure. Don’t forget to adjust the shoulder pads to your height. You know you’re set correctly when you can fully stretch your legs without hitting the stoppers.

Try a resistance of 50kg and sprint for 20 seconds then rest for 40 seconds. Repeat 3-6 times for both a cardiovascular and strength hit.

Lat Pulldown

The focus of this movement is to really work your forearms, biceps and back.

Using full range of motion set the resistance to a pressure of 20/30kg initially for 2/3 sets of 12-20 repititions. Elbows should be positioned towards the floor then retract and pull down your shoulder blades.


We’re talking about back strength with this one. When we say “bi-axial” this means that you can work one arm at a time, allowing you to work on ironing out any inbalances in your form.

Set the resistance to 15kg and try rowing for a repetition count of 12 for 3 sets, remember that moving the seat position provides a different work out so mix things up a little and see what works for you.

Skill Mill

To run, walk and push – powered by you for a natural feel with gentle cushioning for any joint concerns. Use the leaver on the right hand side to control resistance.

Place your arms onto the curved handles at the front of the machine, allowing you to push through your legs and drive for a leg strengthening burn. Alternatively get used to performing some intervals at a pace of your choice. Refer to your heart rate (using MyZone) and compare that with how you feel.


This machine works the opposite muscles to the bi-axial row. A pushing movement that works the back of your arms (triceps) and chest (pectorials). Ensure you are seated so that your elbows are positioned under the wrist, and adjust the seat so that your feet are comfortably on the floor.

Try a pressure of 15kg for 10 repetitions for 3 sets, then mix things up and go for speed – press fast for 20 seconds.


This machine features leg cushions and a fully adjustable seat back to accommodate all shapes and sizes. The seat back adjusts forward and back without changing its tilt, protecting the lower back during the exercise. The hand-grips house the thumb buttons for convenient control of resistance while exercising.

Try this machine on a pressure of 15kg for 15-20 repetitions. Turn your feet inwards for inner hamstring, outwards for outer hamstring, and middle for a bit of all 6 hamstrings.

M3+ Indoor Cycle

The superior machine for indoor cycling/spinning. Every element is adjustable, including the handles and seat all on quick release.

Grab one of our Gym Guides and scan the QR code inside for an introduction to the indoor cycle with a core workout. Have fun and check your heart rate (using MyZone) to learn about your output and how you feel in each workout zone.


We don’t charge joining fees. We don’t have confusing contracts. We offer commitment-free, boutique pay-to-train fitness for every body. You can hit the gym floor for a single drop in session, with a weekly pass, or as part of one of our sessions.



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