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The Keiser Experience

We want everyone to experience the fitness effects of using the Keiser kit to its full potential.

Maybe you’re an existing member with SALT who wants to enhance their workouts and take things to the next level or maybe you’re new to SALT and want to give the Keiser kit a try before your commit to one of our credit bundles or memberships?

We are dedicated to exceptional, beyond-all-expectations bespoke fitness. Our extraordinary coaches are here to guide, motivate and inspire you throughout your well-being journey. Everyone trains for something, and we can help you get there.

Personal Training Session (50mins) = from £45 
Ten Sessions (50mins) = from £400

Exclusive discounts available for anyone with an existing SALT credit bundle or membership.


Kickstart your fitness

Our Keiser Experience Personal Training invites you to work one-to-one with our experienced coaches to ensure you are always progressively and effectively working towards your fitness intentions.

During your personal training you’ll experience all the benefits of industry leading technology, whilst monitoring your effort levels to ensure you’re always performing at your best. Your coach will work with you to keep track of your progress and provide motivation throughout.


The Keiser difference

The science of Keiser is advanced and used worldwide by top athletes and clubs. But it’s also accessible to all and we want everyone to feel confident using SALT’s Keiser system – from professonals to absolute beginners.

Our fitness coaches are here to guide you on your journey with SALT Gymnasia, whatever level you’re starting at. Your personal coach will develop a bespoke Keiser workout programme including exercises that are hand-picked for you and your fitness intentions.


Track your effort

Your personal training coach will monitor your effort levels in real-time whilst you train using our MyZone fitness trackers, to ensure you’re really pushing to your full potential and working towards your intentions. MyZone monitors your heart rate, calories and time spent exercising which convert into Myzone Effort Points (MEPs) and can be redeemed against indulgent rewards.

Remember: the focus of MyZone is rewarding effort rather than fitness.


Ready to book your first personal training session? We can’t wait to welcome you to our SALT community!
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