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The Top 10 Must-Try Temple Spa Treatments in Devon – (with reviews!)

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DISCOVER TEMPLE SPAat the Alchemist Spa

NEW FOR 2024! The exciting introduction of Temple Spa to our spa lineup invites you to explore a fresh journey of sensory indulgence at The Alchemist Spa in North Devon…


to indulge in

Temple Spa is a British brand with a range of luxurious results-driven skincare. Inspired by the fusion of Mediterranean botanicals and advanced skincare technology, each Temple Spa treatment is meticulously crafted to elevate the spa experience to new heights.

Ange Black – Spa Manager – passionately shares, “We are thrilled to introduce Temple Spa to The Alchemist Spa. It’s their commitment to crafting exceptional treatments that attracted us – it aligns with our own dedication to the spa perfection.”

“Plus, Temple Spa’s approach to blending Mediterranean botanicals, means that spa treatments don’t only leave you feeling refreshed, they are genuinely an indulgence for all the senses. We can’t wait for guests to experience the transformative touch of Temple Spa!”

To celebrate the range of spa treatments from Temple Spa, join us on a journey of tranquility and rejuvenation as we unveil the top 10 ‘must-try’ spa treatments, available at our Devon spa.

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Top 10 Must-Try Temple Spa Treatments in Devon

Woman having Temple Spa Champagne & Truffles facial with gold face mask


60 MINS | 90 MINS

Experience the epitome of luxury with Temple Spa’s ‘Champagne & Truffles’ Facial. We love how this luxurious facial seamlessly combines the benefits of truffle skincare with specialised lifting massage techniques. Not only does it effectively target deep lines and wrinkles, but it also works wonders in strengthening muscle tone and reducing puffiness, leaving your skin visibly revitalised and letting your natural beauty shine.

Available as a 60 or 90-minute spa treatment, we recommend the full 90! This longer treatment includes the application of a cooling alginate mask, providing a refreshing and soothing sensation, and the addition of rose quartz massage therapy. This enhances the overall rejuvenation process, promoting circulation and radiance.

Spa Expert Review:

“This treatment rarely fails to impress – effective and indulgent in equal measure. Bravo.”  Good Spa Guide


Woman having Temple Spa shoulder massage


25 MINS | 40 MINS | 55 MINS

Embark on a luxurious spa journey with Temple Spa’s ‘Drift Away’ Massage, one of the new range of treatments offered at The Alchemist Spa. This top-to-toe massage is meticulously crafted with a dreamy blend of Mediterranean essential oils, featuring the enchanting scents of Frankincense, Lavender, and Patchouli.

The unique properties of Frankincense, renowned for its grounding and spiritually uplifting qualities, join forces with Lavender, celebrated for its calming and soothing effects. Patchouli, with its earthy and balancing notes, adds an extra layer of depth. Together, these essential oils work harmoniously to induce a profound sense of calm and alleviate stress, inviting you to completely unwind.

Available as a 25, 40, or 55-minute treatment, the ‘Drift Away’ Massage not only transports you to a state of deep tranquillity but also provides a holistic experience that soothes both body and soul. The power of these Mediterranean oils, combined with expert massage techniques – to curate the treatment of your choice – ensures that each moment of this treatment is a moment of pure serenity.

Spa Expert Review:

“The blend of Mediterranean essential oils including Frankincense, Lavender and Patchouli helped me to drift off, unwind and even fall asleep!” – Sassy in The City


Temple Spa back massage treatment



Indulge in the ultimate pamper experience with Temple Spa’s ‘I’ll Be Back’ exfoliating treatment, available at The Alchemist Spa in North Devon. This luxurious journey begins with the invigorating touch of Temple Spa’s Mediterranean SUGAR BUFF scrub. Following the scrub, surrender to the warmth of a purifying mud mask expertly applied to your back, for a deeply cleansing and hydrating effect.

As the mask performs its magic, a detoxifying foot massage will ensure that every part of you is immersed and soothed. Lightly warmed mitts delicately remove the mask, preparing you for the grand finale—a stimulating back, neck, and shoulder massage that leaves you not only energised but also with a back to be proud of. This treatment, set in the tranquil ambiance of our dedicated treatment room, will leave your skin refreshed, renewed, and utterly pampered.

Spa Expert Review:

“This is the perfect spa treatment that you didn’t know you needed, but once you’ve had a body scrub treatment like this one, you’ll wonder why you’ve never done it before! Loved by spa aficionados, scrubs are a well-kept spa secret – but they’re just like a massage really – with extra goodness!” – Ange Black, Spa Manager


Male in white robe having a facial



Relax and unwind with Temple Spa’s ‘Go Guy Facial’ (60 mins), a high-performance men’s facial available at The Alchemist Spa. Tailored to provide a perfect blend of relaxation and invigoration, the treatment begins with a soothing deep brush cleanse, setting the stage for a targeted face and shoulder massage to leave you feeling refreshed.

The experience continues with a deep exfoliation and the application of a bespoke face mask, ensuring your skin receives the attention it deserves. Cap it off with the indulgence of a hot stone neck and shoulder massage, melting away the final traces of tension and stress. As you emerge from this treatment, your skin will be smoother, softer, and thoroughly hydrated—equipping you to confidently face the world.

Spa Expert Review:

“Most spa treatments we offer are gender-neutral, but this customised men’s facial can help address issues unique to gents – such as razor burn and ingrown hairs. The Go Guy Facial leaves skin refreshed and revitalised, while promoting overall skin health.” – Ange Black, Spa Manager


Hands giving back massage


60 MINS | 90 MINS

We’re excited to offer this new mood-boosting Temple Spa treatment, tailored specifically to support women during the menopause journey. The ‘Your Best You Menopause Massage’ offers a unique combination of a full body massage (60 minute treatment) and facial tailored to your needs (90 minute treatment).

Crafted to alleviate menopause joint pain, this treatment incorporates healing stones for stress relief and rhythmic stretches. Whether you’re in the early stages of peri-menopause or further along, our goal is to provide support during your second spring.

You have the option to choose between a warm or cool treatment based on your preferences and symptoms. Your gentle and caring massage utilises the expertise of our therapists, combining skilled hands and Himalayan Salt stones with the Temple Spa skincare range. These healing stones generate negative ions, promoting stress relief, increased energy, and a positive mood boost. The routine includes rhythmic stretches and gentle joint rotations to ease menopause-related joint pain. The hour-long session ends here, leaving you feeling energised, nurtured, and completely at ease, offering a helping hand for menopause-related aches and pains.

The 90-minute Menopause Massage gives you more time to relax and is complemented by a soothing lymph drainage facial to reduce puffiness, leaving your skin fresh and beautifully radiant.


Lady having Temple Spa Skin Smoothie facial



Indulge in the ultimate express facial experience with our Temple Spa ‘Skin Smoothie Facial’ – it’s the perfect choice if you’re seeking immediate results. This revitalising facial goes beyond the ordinary, featuring a deep power cleanse that sets the stage for a nutrient-rich skin scrub. Your expert therapist will employ lymph drainage techniques to facilitate a rapid turnaround, leaving your skin looking and feeling rejuvenated.

But that’s not all – the experience is elevated with a blissful wake-up scalp massage, adding an extra touch of ‘ahhhh’. Treat yourself to a Skin Smoothie Facial for a quick, refreshing escape that leaves you with a glowing complexion and a revived spirit.

Spa Expert Review:

“30-minutes of pure bliss… Afterwards my skin was glowing and felt so soft and smooth. I looked naturally brighter and my makeup seemed easier to apply” – Top Sante Magazine.


Woman having Work It Out Massage


25 MINS | 40 MINS | 55 MINS

If you’re looking for a Deep Tissue Massage, this is the one! Temple’s Spa ‘Work It Out Massage,’ is a detoxifying and invigorating deep tissue massage designed to relieve fluid retention and soothe tired, aching muscles.

Embark on a journey to well-being as we kickstart the treatment with body brushing, stimulating circulation to enhance lymph drainage. The massage that follows takes a targeted deep tissue approach, employing muscle-fitness techniques and movements that effectively work on knots, tensions, and tightness. This comprehensive approach not only aids in the detox process but also leaves your muscles thoroughly worked out and revitalised.

But it’s not only the technique that makes this massage so effective, it’s also the blend of essential oils in the ingenious WORK IT OUT detox massage oil – Juniper, Lavender, and Cypress. Juniper is known for its detoxifying properties, and assists in reducing fluid retention; lavender helps to alleviate muscle tension and promotes release; and cypress oil is known to have a toning effect on the skin and muscles. Together, these essential oils create a harmonious blend that not only addresses physical concerns like fluid retention and muscle fatigue but also provides a sensory experience that promotes wellbeing.


Hot stone massage


55 MINS | 85 MINS

Experience tranquility with our Temple Spa ‘CBD Stress Not Massage,’ a soothing and anti-inflammatory treatment meticulously designed to address muscle pain and dissolve tension, utilising the therapeutic warmth of stones. This indulgent massage offers an unparalleled sense of release, leaving you inexplicably soothed from head to toe.

Central to this calming experience is Temple Spa’s CBD balm, STRESS NOT, expertly crafted to naturally alleviate muscle stiffness and bring serenity to body and mind. This unique blend provides a moment of blissful respite, elevating your overall well-being during the massage.

Choose the extended 85-minute option, and luxuriate in a face and scalp massage featuring our CBD skin booster facial oil, LIGHT RELIEF. This addition enhances the overall experience, leaving you with a radiant, stress-free glow.


Woman having facial treatment



Revitalise the delicate skin around your eyes with Temple Spa’s ‘Windows of the Soul’ treatment. This  experience delivers transformative results. We begin with a targeted pressure point and eye massage, working synergistically to lift, firm, and smooth the contours around your eyes.

This is followed by the application of TEMPLE SPA EYE THERAPIST massagers, strategically employed to tighten and tone the eye area. This comprehensive anti-ageing eye treatment is curated to diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles, restoring youthful vibrancy to your gaze.


Woman having a facial



This advanced, skin transforming facial turns up your glow with instant and visible results for firmer feeling & brighter, healthy-looking skin. The dynamic blend of intelligent active ingredients synergised with Vitamin C and potent glycolic acid complexes works harmoniously to enhance skin firmness – promoting a brighter, healthier appearance, and delivering exceptional results.

Unique skin-lifting massage techniques enhance the efficacy of the treatment for even more remarkable skin benefits. ‘All About The Glow’ is not just a facial; it’s a transformative journey that will unveil a radiant, luminous complexion that reflects your natural beauty.

Spa Expert Review:

“This facial really is a game changer.” – Ange Black, Spa Manager


Alchemist Thermal Spa entrance

The Wind Down…

In concluding our exploration of the ‘Top 10 Must-Try’ Temple Spa treatments at The Alchemist Spa, we are delighted to bring you a collection of experiences that harmonise luxurious products, enchanting scents, and results-driven techniques.

The introduction of Temple Spa to our repertoire marks an exciting chapter in our spa journey, and we are thrilled to invite you to indulge in these transformative treatments. From the peaceful release of ‘Drift Away’ to the rejuvenation of ‘Champagne & Truffles’ and the radiance of ‘All About The Glow’ Facial, each treatment promises a unique journey to well-being.

Temple Spa treatments can be enjoyed individually, as part of a Spa Day, or Spa Break. Furthermore, guests staying at the Woolacombe Bay Hotel – one of the best spa hotels in Devon – can enjoy 20% off spa treatments.


Nestled in the heart of Woolacombe, North Devon (90 minutes from Exeter), The Alchemist Spa at the Woolacombe Bay Hotel invites you to spend time in a haven of tranquility and rejuvenation. This next-generation spa, situated in the enchanting South West, is a coastal escape designed with your wellbeing in mind.

Take a seat in the sumptuous relaxation suite, unwind in our luxurious low-lit treatment rooms, and relax in our state-of-the-art thermal suite, complete with a steam room, sauna, and hot tub. The spa’s setting is unrivalled, with breathtaking views of the Atlantic and the rolling countryside of Exmoor providing a backdrop to your spa escapes. Indulge in a uniquely cosy atmosphere, complemented by the allure of our 2AA Rosette restaurant – The Bay Brasserie – where award-winning dining and afternoon tea is served.

At The Alchemist Spa, every element is crafted to offer you a seat by the sea, where the synergy of coastal charm and spa sophistication ensures an unforgettable experience. Come to our sanctuary by the sea and relax – it’s like another world.

Click here for our current discounts and offers.

Temple Spa treatment oil being poured into hand

Temple Spa Packages

Temple Spa treatments can be enjoyed individually, as part of a Spa Day, or Spa Break in Devon.


Embark on a luxury spa break to the captivating North Devon coast with our rejuvenating spa breaks at The Alchemist Spa. Our luxury hotel offers an oasis where you can sleep deeply in beachside bedrooms or seaview suites, surrounded by the soothing ambiance of crashing waves and the soft touch of sand beneath your toes.

Our spa breaks in North Devon provide not only tranquil moments but also a selection of spa experiences, allowing you to immerse yourself in the restorative power of our spa facilities and spa treatments. Indulge in the perfect blend of unpretentious luxury at one of the premier spa hotels in Devon.

As you breathe deeply and leave the day-to-day behind, you’ll find yourself truly ready to face the world again. Enhance your spa break with seasonal dining at Bay Brasserie, unwind with movie nights in NEO Cinema, and savour the delights of afternoon tea, making your stay at the Woolacombe Bay Hotel a holistic and unforgettable experience.

All hotel stays include use of spa facilities and 20% off spa treatments. We also offer a range of serene spa breaks where packages include treatments and spa experiences. Book your spa break:


Sumptuous kingsize bed


A spa day at The Alchemist Spa is more than just a retreat; it’s a transformative experience where you can momentarily escape your world and immerse yourself in ours.

As our guest you will have full access to our exceptional spa facilities – heated pool, and Thermal Spa with sauna, steam, and hot-tub – and will receive a discount off any fully-priced spa treatments you book (in addition to those that may be included in your spa day). Please see our current selection of spa days for full information about our current range of spa days, but they often include time in the Thermal Spa, treatment options, and may also include dining options.

A spa day is a chance to recalibrate, refresh, and can make a world of difference to how you feel. They are perfect for celebrations with friends, offering a perfect blend of holistic wellness and ‘me time’.

Book your spa day:


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