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Meet The Chef

Say ‘hello’ to Eduard Grecu

Eduard has been Head Chef at the hotel for approaching 10 years. His style of cooking is generally dominated by the Mediterranean influence, based on bold, fresh flavours and vibrant colours, using every local ingredient available and making the most of what the land and sea can provide.

What sort of foods and flavours inspire you? I believe in balance which is key. It’s all about using fresh, real ingredients and cooking, getting the best out of what’s around at any given time of the year. What are your food ‘hates’? I hate messy food, I also despise the use of chemicals in food and the fake fast food. How important is sourcing to you? Sourcing is one of the key aspects of cooking and at the Woolacombe Bay Hotel, is no different. We run a successful hotel because we are very careful with our standards at every level.

Who inspires you in the cooking world? I can’t ignore the plethora of culinary giants like Raymond Blanc, Pierre Koffmann, Marco Pierre White, Gordon Ramsay, etc, as well as amazing younger generation of Jason Atherton, Nathan Outlaw, Alan Murchison, Tom Kitchin etc, but my absolute favourite is Giorgio Locatelli at Locanda Locatelli, on Seymour Street, London. What is your earliest food memory? I prepared a polenta for the whole family together with a hearty rabbit stew, when I was aged nine! I absolutely love all food because I had the chance to try it and enjoy it from an early age and I strongly encourage children to try everything and parents to support them. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a place where seasonality of ingredients played a fundamental role in the community’s everyday life. I remember roaming through the hills in the spring, searching for incredible field mushrooms (the ones that grow by the plum trees are the tastiest)


We are as committed as ever to providing not just a succulent menu, but a sustainable one.

We really love fish here at The Woolacombe Bay Hotel. Good quality fish of course. Given the feedback and statistics we get, we are also sure that our guests enjoy it too. Things have changed a great deal in the last decade or so, however, with a variety of new dishes evolving for conservation as well as culinary reasons.

A few years ago, Eduard decided to take fish off the permanent menus. It freed him from the limitations imposed by set menus and fashions. Today, his menus take advantage of the abundance of the species.

How fresh is the fish on your plate? Here at Woolacombe Bay Hotel, sea food and fish for our restaurants comes only from day boat fish. This represents the lowest food miles and the shortest time from sea to plate.

Our trusty local suppliers understand our ethos and provide us not only with immaculate fish every day, but also with valuable information about the provenance of the seafood, with market predictions and seasonal forecasts, which make our decisions so much more informed at the moment of purchasing fish and shellfish.


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