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New beginnings & new adventures


We are fortunate to live in a place that gives, that enriches, that enhances the culinary experience. Over time our access to more exotic, elaborate produce has increased and the culinary journey has evolved dramatically over the last two decades. Today, we have different challenges, trends, technologies to work with, but we always return to one thing: the food.

Innately connected to the ocean as we are, we have always sought the best produce we could. The last year or so has been one of enormous change, and yet we have stood still in many ways. We have paused, reconnecting with our natural world. We've thought long and hard about the restaurant industry and how we can pave the way for positive change; for our guests, producers, WBH family, and the local community. The result? Five-course culinary journeys that encapsulate the seasons, harness the goodness of our West Country surroundings, served exclusively - Thursday to Saturday - in Doyle's.



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Returning to our roots


The Doyle's Experience: Freshly baked bread & ferments, three savoury courses, palate cleanser & dessert

Five courses

Sample menu coming soon!

Supper is served Thursday - Saturday in two sittings: 7pm & 8pm
Each course features vegetarian and non-vegetarian options




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Pioneering change

The first part of the multi-sensory experience we showcase is no doing of our own, but rather a natural frame. We are presented with a veritable feast of producers here in North Devon. We believe it is our responsibility to choose wisely - both for your delight, and our footprint.

We serve our own sourdough (our starter dates back three years), our fish and shellfish is landed daily in South Devon, and we seize the opportunity to lay our hands on seasonal treasures - such as Lundy Island lobsters. Our meats are sourced from British farmers - outdoor reared pigs, Dartmoor grass-fed cattle, free-range chickens and ducks and British lamb (our favourites: the salt marsh white faced Scottish lambs).





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Our chefs prepare your order in a kitchen where nuts, flour, milk, eggs and other allergenic ingredients are used. We therefore cannot guarantee that products served in this area will not contain traces of these allergens. We kindly advise all of our guests that are subject to any allergies or special dietary requirements, to mention it to our restaurant staff and we will take any action required.