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The rundown for lockdown...


We are in strange times right now – uncharted waters – there’s a lot of anxiety and uncertainty around, but one thing’s for sure: it’s never been more important to be in your best health – both mentally and physically. If you’re in our SALT squad, you’ll know all about Myzone: Myzone is a wearable heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately monitor physical activity.

There are three important aspects:




With just these three ingredients you can monitor your heart rate, calories and time exercising, converting these into Myzone Effort Points (MEPs). While the country is on lockdown and SALT Gymnasia is temporarily closed, there’s no better time to unleash the power of your Myzone belt.

Myzone rewards effort rather than fitness

You’ll earn points according to your effort level. The more effort, the more MEPs – but remember, everyone’s goal is different and it’s not always about reaching the red!

Grey 50-59% = 1 MEP/min

Blue 60-69% = 2 MEP/min

Green 70-79% = 3 MEP/min

Yellow 80-89% = 4 MEP/min

Red 90-100% = 4 MEP/min

Myzone doesn’t measure speed, cadence, or weight lifted, it measures the effort put in. This levels the playing field – your effort as a beginner could be comparable with the effort exerted by elite athletes. There are four powerful ways you can turn Myzone into ‘Yourzone’ while we are social distancing:

Let’s get started…


Track your progress

MEPs are the Myzone currency and helps shape your goals and targets to help continually motivate you. Just because you aren’t on the gym floor with Kieran, or climbing to dizzy heights with Sal on the Versaclimbers, you can still track your workouts. If you’re using your Myzone belt outside the gym for the first time, here’s the rundown:

1. Put on your Myzone belt and listen for the beep

2. Select ‘workout’ in the Myzone app to see your live tile

3. Work up a sweat!

4. Press the cloud icon in the top right corner of the live tile screen to upload your workout

5. Take off your belt and listen for the three beeps as it turns off

6. Select ‘home’ in the Myzone app to see your latest move, rate your workout and even add a photo!


Connect with your SALT squad

Checking in with your squad will keep you motivated and accountable. Here’s how to add your connections:

  1. Got to the menu in the Myzone app.
  2. Select the Connections tile.
  3. Here you can select the ‘search online’ tab to search for friends already using Myzone and friend recommendations will automatically populate with fellow SALT squad members – hit ‘connect’ to start building up your network.
  4. Tap the ‘connections’ tab to view your current connections, the app automatically orders profiles by MEPs earned for the month.
  5. Tap anywhere on the connection to select their profile and help keep them motivated by liking and commenting on their workouts!


Set Challenges

You can easily create challenges within your Myzone app and challenge your connections. Note that you must be socially connected to a user first before you can invite them to your challenge (see above). Follow the below steps to begin creating a challenge with your connections in the app:

  1. Open your Myzone App, and click on “challenges” from your home screen.
  2. Select the “+” icon located in the upper right-hand corner to begin creating your challenge.
  3. Choose your challenge template from the following options:

Individual – challenge each other to a head-to-head ‘MEP-off’ – the most MEPs wins.

Team Challenge – where each of your connections will be pinned into a custom team you create. Team challenges take the average MEP score of each team.

Choose from a challenge template – select a template for either individual or team challenges already formatted for you, just add your connections to the challenge.

4. Fill in your challenge details then select ‘Next’.

5. Select which of your SALT squad and connections will participate in your challenge or choose a filter amongst your list.

6. Select ‘Done’ in the upper right-hand corner to send the challenge to your connections.

7. Your connections will then receive an inbox notification requesting them to accept the challenge invite.

TIP: Once your connections accept the invite, a leaderboard will populate in the “challenge” tab of the Myzone app.


Join Myzone Master Trainers Live Workouts

Behind the scenes, we are busy working on ways that we can help you with your workouts – keeping them safe and effective while SALT is closed. In the meantime, the Myzone Master Trainers are running daily sessions (Monday – Friday) on their social channels. Each session is around 40 mins long and they are broadcast live on Facebook and Instagram. They’re live at 09:30am Monday – Friday, but if you miss them, they’re uploaded to the Myzone Facebook page later in the day too.


Attended by Myzone fans from around the world, you can typically bag yourself 100 well-deserved MEPs!


If that’s not enough, throughout the month of April, Myzone is running a Global MEPs challenge helping you to stay motivated, whilst also encouraging you to stay connected with your gym friends and trainers, no matter where you workout.

WIN UP TO $5,000

Earn 1300 MEPs during April 2020 and you’ll be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win prizes with a combined total prize value of USD $10,000. Selected at random, the first prize winner will collect USD $5,000, and the 10 runners up will collect USD $500. There’s no need to enter, just be sure to use your Myzone belt and app to upload your workouts, and your effort could be rewarded!


Stay strong, we look forward to seeing you back on the floor soon!

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