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Feel nourished...

LIP MASKSTo make your mouth water…

People think of masks as something you use to cover up, but sometimes the focus is on the big reveal. With lip masks, it’s what’s underneath that matters. Sometimes our lips need a little extra lovin’ and that’s when a lip mask or scrub comes in. There are several nourishing fruits, oils, and exfoliants which can combine to counteract the effects of cold weather or just chronically dry lips.


Simply sweet…


Sugar and honey are not only terms of endearment, but important ingredients for a lip mask that gets the job done. We all want to remove the dead skin and moisturise that layer underneath; a scrub with these two items that most of us have at home can do the trick. The sugar acts as a natural exfoliant, and clears the way for the honey to work its magic.

Honey has natural anti-bacterial properties that help soothe and heal distressed lips. Most of that comes from the hydrogen peroxide in the honey, but there are other components as well. You may have heard of manuka honey, which comes from Australia and New Zealand where bees pollinate the manuka bush. It has particularly heightened healing properties, due to methyglyoxal (MG), which is found in a much higher concentration in manuka honey. The more MG, the greater the antibiotic effect. So whenever you can, opt for some raw, organic manuka honey. But if you’re doing what you can with what you got, any honey will still help smooth the skin.

Leave the mix on for up to ten minutes, and then wipe it away with warm water. And if you take a taste of your luscious lip mask while you’re waiting…all the better!


Soothe away worries…


Plants help us out in more ways than one. They have provided us with fibre, fuel, food and shelter. Well, now we can add smoothing lips to that list. If your lips could use a little plant-based love, try adding Aloe Vera gel in the mix. Aloe contains a starch with molecules that help bind moisture to the skin and has hormones that stimulate cell production.

To get the gel from the plant, simply slice away the prickly edges and the top, and then remove one last leaf. This will leave the gel exposed all along one side. Then all you need to do is scrape it off into your container or onto the surface where you are blending your ingredients. Next, add a sprinkling of sugar and some vaseline.

Once those are mixed together, smooth right onto your lips and leave for 15 minutes. Remove with warm water and a clean washcloth, and give a shout out to Mother Earth for helping you moisturize those lips naturally.


Luscious lip mix…


We love them in smoothies, shortcake, and pie, but did you know that strawberries are sweet for your skin as well? The ellagic acid protects your skin from the effects of the sun’s UV rays. They are also plentiful in Vitamin C, and have collagen-producing properties, helping your skin look supple and younger. You can substitute kiwi for strawberry if you don’t have any of the latter on hand. Kiwis also contain vitamins C and E and acids that are good for the skin and cell regeneration.

After you mash the strawberry or kiwi, add a little vitamin E oil to make the mixture a more silky consistency, and then put in some coffee grounds to act as an exfoliant. Muddle them all together and apply to your lips.

Leave this mask on while you remember all the other ways you can finish the rest of that fruit…Maybe a strawberry margarita will pair well with this wonderfully refreshing lip treatment? 😉

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