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It's so 'meh'...

WHY VISIT NORTH DEVON?There’s nothing to see here…

The team from the Woolacombe Bay Hotel (the award-winning four ‘Silver’ star hotel in North Devon) have a stark warning for anybody who might be planning a visit to North Devon’s tempting mix of breathtaking cliffs, untamed ocean waves, and beautiful sandy beaches: there are no sights to behold amidst the mesmerizing golden sand and enchanting sand dunes.

If you’re thinking about places to visit in Devon or are looking for things to do in Woolacombe, you’ll soon see that there’s absolutely nothing here at all. Especially if you’re a beach-lover, foodie, wildlife enthusiast, walker, surfer, explorer, or dog-owner – it’s definitely not for you! Here’s why…

1. Want to visit Woolacombe? Prepare for underwhelming sunsets.


Woolacombe Beach sunset

Nope, nothing to see here.

South Street Woolacombe sunset with dogs

…or here.

2. The weather is always awful. There are never any beach days.

Lifeguard tower on Woolacombe Beach
Woolacombe Beach

And why would you bother? It’s not like the beaches in Woolacombe are very big anyway.

Lifeguard tower on Woolacombe Beach
Woolacombe Beach

3.The sand on Woolacombe Beach is awful too. Don’t you just hate really soft sand?

Woolacombe Beach sunbather reading

4. The North Devon coastline is a horrible place to roam. Absolutely nothing to see here.

Lynton in North Devon coastline


5. Dogs hate Woolacombe too.

Dog-friendly Woolacombe Beach

Woolacombe Beach (this beach is a dog-friendly beach in North Devon all year round, with some restrictions)…we can’t see the point really.

We don’t know why dogs would want to go to beaches like this.

6. And there are no dog-friendly walks in Woolacombe either.

Dog walk in North Devon sea view

Take a look at these definitely not dog-friendly walks in North Devon. As for dog-friendly hotels in North Devon, this one is terrible…

7. The Exmoor hills are better just left to the wild ponies to roam.

Wild Exmoor ponies by the beach with sunsetting

8. And it’s not like you can even go surfing in Woolacombe. The place has awful surf conditions.

Surfing Putsborough Sands Woolacombe

Putsborough Sands, Woolacombe

Definitely no world-class waves here. Nope.

9. If you go out on a boat trip you might get chased by dolphins. What a pain.

Dolphins sea North Devon

10. And who would be interested in a trip to Lundy Island with it’s granite stacks and rugged cliffs… boring!

Drone view of Lundy Island

As for the seals on Lundy Island, those are pretty boring too.

Grey seals on rocks

11. We suppose Woolacombe has some okay walks away from the beach.

Combesgate Valley woods in North Devon

…like these woods at Combesgate Valley.

But you definitely wouldn’t want to go here during the wild garlic season. That would be unrewarding.

Wild garlic Combesgate Valley woods in North Devon

12. The South West Coast Path is always so empty. Why would you want so much solitude?

Morte Point National Trust sign with view of sea and rocks

13. In fact the scenery in North Devon is all rather lacklustre.

View over Mortehoe houses and sea

14. Visiting North Devon in the autumn is even worse.

Woolacombe headlands in autumn

Who would want to do that?!

15. You can’t even get a good cup of coffee in North Devon

Meraki coffee shop Woolacombe

Meraki Coffee Company, South Street, Woolacombe (see this blog for more dreadful local coffee…)

16. It is a terrible place to visit for fast food. The restaurants in Woolacombe insist on cooking everything freshly.

Fine dining at Woolacombe Bay Hotel

2AA Rosette dining at Doyle’s Restaurant.

What a faff. Who wants fresh, seasonal and locally-foraged anyway?

17. There are absolutely no good places to visit in North Devon. None.

Clovelly in North DevonClovelly in North Devon

18. And the clifftops are some of the worst we have seen for flora and fauna.

Woolacombe Beach in spring with flowers

This is not a place for nature lovers.

19. You definitely shouldn’t come for a stay in Woolacombe. Why would you want to relax here?

Hotel bedroom with roll-top bath and sea view Woolacombe Luxury Sea View Bedroom at Woolacombe Bay Hotel

20. Let us be absolutely clear:

You absolutely do not want to put Woolacombe on your bucket list. No way.

The Bay Lido Woolacombe Bay Hotel outdoor swimming pool by Woolacombe Beach

The Bay Lido at the Woolacombe Bay Hotel

We’re sure you agree…
    there are no reasons to come to Woolacombe…

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