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our ethos: derived from nature

We steer clear of harmful chemicals and parabens, opting for products that embrace the purest natural elements to nourish your skin with abundant goodness. Regardless of age, gender, race, religion, genetic predisposition, or dietary preference, our treatments are truly inclusive. We focus on your wellness, naturally.

Rest assured, all our products are cruelty-free.

We are proud to work with:
+ GAIA Skincare
+ The GelBottle Inc & Peaccci
Each of our spa partners has been handpicked, with the love and care your body deserves.

We care about…


Thinking outside the gender box, our spa experiences are designed for your skin type, not your chromosomes. They embrace you, regardless of your gender. All our treatments, apart from ‘Go Guy Facial’, ‘Mother GAIA’ and ‘Your Best You Menopause Massage’ are gender neutral.


All our skincare is Cruelty Free, and is never tested on animals. Our partners care about their impact on natural habitats. Take GAIA Skincare, for example, 100% of GAIA Skincare products are handcrafted in the South West of England. All of our products are made from raw ingredients harnessed from Mother Nature, opting for organic ingredients whenever possible.


We are passionate about spa experiences that can be enjoyed whatever your age or life stage. From hormonal teen skin, dealing with PMT, pregnancy specific skincare to celebrating the menopause – it’s all here.


Here at Woolacombe Bay we’re just a hop, skip, and a jump from the North Atlantic Ocean. It’s important to us that none of the ingredients used in our treatments will filter into the eco system. The products we use are free from Parabens, SLS, MI or MCI, and Microbeads.


For those who embrace a vegan lifestyle, finding truly vegan spa treatments, especially in mainstream settings, can be a challenge. While we can’t guarantee that all our beauty and spa products are vegan, the majority align with this ethos. We prioritise transparency, ensuring you feel comfortable during your visit, clearly indicating which products are vegan-friendly and which may not align with your philosophy.


Our WBH Family is our proudest asset. Our longstanding team of spa therapists are discreet, personable and caring but, above that, they are highly skilled. We can create bespoke spa journeys tailored to your individual needs, recommend products and we have completed dedicated training. If you are at all uncertain or unsure, we are here to help.


We are proud to work with…


Inspired by Gaia, the ancient Greek goddess known as mother nature, GAIA natural skincare products are handmade in the English countryside using traditional production methods.

Blending together the finest ingredients, plant actives and essential oils, GAIA products are full of intention and integrity. The GAIA skincare range features three collections: Awakening, Balancing and Calming blends.

GAIA products are used in our spa experiences and can also be purchased in the spa.


TEMPLESPA’s skincare mission has always been to look the best version of yourself. Not perfect. The best temple. They create exceptional skincare products and experiences that make a real difference to your skin and soul health.

An award-winning British brand, for over 20 years TEMPLESPA has been at the forefront of spa goodness. TEMPLESPA treatments and products will leave you feeling good, healthy, confident, balanced, and in control of your own destiny.

TEMPLESPA products are used in our spa experiences and can also be purchased in the spa.

The GelBottle Inc

The GelBottle Inc™ gel polishes are rich, highly pigmented, chip-resistant and offer extremely long lasting shine. The same goes for the vibrant lacquers from the sister company – Peacci. Created in Brighton, both are vegan and cruelty-free.

Diligently selected, for your peace of mind


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