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Doing it the Devon way

Innately connected to the ocean and the moors as we are, we have always sought the best produce we could. We are presented with a veritable feast of producers here in North Devon. We believe it is our responsibility to choose wisely – both for your delight, and our footprint.

The producers we work with are handpicked – from our free range eggs (Fenton Farms, Holcombe & Beach Ridge Farm, Exeter) to the occasional treat of Lundy Island lobsters and crabs, we employ every ounce of our knowledge and enthusiasm to keep evolving our menus. We are dedicated to paving the way for positive change; for our guests, producers, WBH family, and the local community.


& dough products

We make all our breads & dough products in house, with the compulsory fermenting times alongside safest hygiene practises today. From sourdough breads, sandwich loafs, bread rolls, pizzas, flat breads, dough balls, everything is mixed, flavoured, baked, stored in house, so we get to choose what goes in at every step. Our sourdough starter dates back three years – itself a testament to our daily commitment to healthy, delicious homemade food.


& shellfish

We take the best daily landings of fresh fish and shellfish from the UK’s largest fish markets located in South Devon, namely in Brixham & Plymouth. Our suppliers – S&J Fisheries – have worked tirelessly with us over the years to present us with the best of the best; essentially, the freshest wild sustainable fish and shellfish available.

We are in constant search for new morsels, taking every opportunity to seize the little pockets of seasonal opportunity – such as Lundy Island lobsters and crabs, Instow & Appledore landed sea bass, plaice or mackerel, as well as working with local farmers like Plaistow Mills Trout Farm.


Bred in Britain

We have made a commitment to source sound meats by quality rather than profit generating, thus contributing to our stewardship to preserve the welfare of the animals, the prosperity of the British farmers and the health of our guests.

Our pork is from outdoor reared pigs, our beef comes mostly from Dartmoor grass-fed cattle or if not, at the very least British, growing hormone-free and safely processed and matured. Our chicken and duck is no different – all are free range and Devon produced, with the main suppliers being Creedy Carver Farm and Beach Ridge Farm. Delivered to us fresh, twice weekly as whole birds, we use these in creative ways ensuring no waste. We only ever use British lamb on our menus with the stars being the salt marsh black faced Scottish lambs (when available).

We cure, flavour & roast our ham to use in various applications in all areas of the kitchens from continental breakfast boxes, to brunch, in our eggs Benedict, to sandwiches, to sauces that accompany some of our dishes, room service, etc.


& fermentation

We commit to source every South West or British version of any dairy product we use and where this is not possible, we resort to the best products from further afield, such as Burrata, Mozzarella, Parmesan, etc. Our cheese boards exclusively feature the best offerings from the West Country – such as Devon Blue (Ticklemore, Devon), Driftwood ash-rolled goat’s cheese (White Lake Cheese, Somerset), Cricket St Thomas Brie (Lubborn Dairy in Somerset), Godminster Vintage Organic cheddar (Bruton, Somerset), and smoked cheddar from the highly acclaimed Quicke’s Farm (near Exeter, Devon). Our cheese collection has been curated with true care and attention, with the cheeses slected for their taste and production values; take the Godminster Vintage Organic, for example, this is produced with an exceptional farming model of circular agriculture

We are fermenting our own yoghurts that we use to prepare overnight oat mixes, make smoothies or served alone. This is 100 % homemade, 100% natural and always evolving. Soon we will be introducing kefir – one of the most effective, delicious probiotics with countless health benefits! Fermentation remains one of our most pursued endeavours. In times where our body’s natural defence has to be the most resilient ever, it makes sense to help this along what the blessings nature has gifted us with, over thousands of years of evolution.


reflecting the seasons

We source the vast selection of our vegetables on the menus from local suppliers. By being in tune with the seasons, we can make the most of what, when and where the best is available. With guidance from established organic farmers, we are about to start growing many of our own vegetables and herbs, progressing to fruits in the coming years. This is just another sign of our passion and enthusiasm for “clean food”.


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