in Bay Brasserie

For lunch, the best of bistro style food can be found in Bay Brasserie. Just off the beach, this relaxed dining den is family and pup-friendly. Complete with pizza oven, whether your style is a taste of the Mediterranean, a gourmet burger or beautifully prepared local seafood, you’ll find it on our menus - cooked to perfection and served with flair.




Family-friendly and dog-friendly dining are available in Bay Brasserie.

Serving hours:
Lunch 12pm - 3pm
Sandwiches 12pm - 5pm (4pm from 28th May - 4th June)



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Hummus platter (v)
Lightly spiced chickpea & sesame seed paste, flat bread, crispy roasted whole chickpeas, sumac onions, grilled aubergines, smoky marinated feta cheese, fresh parsley

West Country platter
Home-roasted ham, ash rolled goat's cheese, home smoked Devonshire free range duck breast, organic Godminster cheddar, pickled bell peppers, balsamic onions, miso cured free range hen's egg, walnuts, home baked sourdough bread, farmhouse churned British butter

Charred aubergine & sundried tomato bruschetta (vegan)
pickled courgette, suman marinated red onion salad, crispy basil

Heritage tomato & homemade milk curd salad (v)
honey vinaigrette, black olive soil

Potato Gnocchi, (v)
lemon & sage butter, Grana Padano shavings

Lightly spiced, hand-picked Devon brown crab, fish & rarebit gratin,
charred sourdough bread, fresh lime

Balsamic sauteed free range Devon chicken livers
crispy polenta, beetroor piccalilli, pine nute, sorrel

We handcraft our dough using the best pizza flour available on the market, sea salt, water, fresh yeast and sourdough starter. We mature the dough for 1-3 days for significantly increased gut health and great umami flavour.

We hand-stretch the crust to order, and bake with your favourite topping from below:


Vine tomato,
basil, mozzarella

Driftwood goat's cheese (v)
charred & pickled bell pepper, rocket, parsley

Vegetable calzone (v)
closed pizza with roasted tomato, pepper, aubergine, mozzarella, basil, leaf salad  

Devonshire calzone
Denhay Farm smoky bacon, confi t wild mushrooms, West Country brie,
miso marinated egg salad

Free range chicken
lightly spiced chorizo, cherry tomatoes, Grana Padano

Pepperoni salami
olives, mozzarella, tomato, fresh rocket

+ Green leaf salad £5.00
+ Triple cooked chips £5.00


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Mediterranean vegetable & rice stuffed pepper (v)
homemade Lebanese style yoghurt, pine nuts, feta, fresh herbs

Shakshuka (v)
free range hen’s egg braised in a chunky tomato & bell pepper sauce, fresh
chives, toasted sourdough, garlic & parsley oil

Nut roasted cauliflower (vegan)
chilli & coconut cauliflower rice, cashew nut purée, homemade cauliflower
kimchi, micro sorrel

Marinated & overnight cooked outdoor reared pork shoulder,
mashed potatoes, hog’s pudding, mushroom & cheddar gratin, broccoli, apple
& rhubarb purée, roast pork jus, crackling

Chargrilled 8oz grass fed British sirloin steak
triple cooked chips, garlic baked mushroom, grilled cherry vine tomato,
mustard & caper butter
+ Brandy & peppercorn sauce £3.00 + Port & blue cheese sauce £3.00

Lime & honey marinated free range chicken breast
sweet potato purée, soy marinated & grilled courgette, crispy Denhay Farm
bacon, sweet chilli & spring onion dressing

Gourmet beef burger
homemade sourdough brioche bun, sumac onions, pickled gherkin, organic
Godminster cheddar, Denhay Farm smoked bacon, vine tomato, triple
cooked chips, leaf salad, organic local rhubarb & beetroot ketchup

Today’s fish dish
We feel proud & privileged to source our fresh fi sh from the daily landings
at Brixham & Plymouth fi sh markets, as well as high quality Scottish salmon
from Loch Duart. With natural stocks under increased pressure, we ensure
we only use seasonal abundant species of fi sh & shellfish and maximise their
fl avour through simple cooking and pairing with the best seasonal vegetables
available - charged at fish market price

Confit free range chicken leg, truffle & wild garlic penne pasta
walnuts, rocket, Grana Padano cheese

Home smoked Loch Duart salmon, chilli & lemon linguine
saffron & dill cream sauce

Smoky red pepper, tomato & aubergine tagliatelle (v)
Grana Padano, fresh basil

Garlic flatbread £5.00
Triple cooked chips £5.00
Seasonal vegetables £4.00
Homemade bread, farmhouse butter £3.50
New potatoes £3.50
Steamed broccoli £3.50

Sticky toffee pudding
vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce, fresh redcurrants

Dark chocolate mousse
sweet brioche croutons, chocolate soil, yoghurt sorbet, fresh mint

Lemon & Prosecco posset
pistachio biscotti, compressed Cheddar Valley strawberries

Rhubarb crumble
green apple & ginger ice cream, vanilla custard

Home made ice creams sorbets
chocolate compost, raspberry coulis


Selection of three fine West Country cheeses, home-made seasonal fruit chutney, water crackers, fresh apple

Quicke’s Oak Smoked Cheddar
made near Exeter, in Devon, this is one of the most highly acclaimed British cheddars, in a farm that over 14 generations have produced cheeses of the greatest quality. After 450 years of crafting, this cheddar is matured for 12-15 months, in muslin cloth, then the truckles are quartered & gently smoked over oak chips for 3-4 hours. Pasteurised milk is being used with vegetarian rennet.

Godminster Organic Cheddar
is made near Bruton, in Somerset, with pasteurised , organic milk and vegetarian lactic cultures, then enclosed in its distinctive purple wax for exquisite freshness ! It has a deep edgy flavour greatly balanced with a subtly creamy texture (v).

Driftwood Goat’s Cheese
made in Somerset at White Lake, this ash rolled soft and creamy cheese has a distinctive citrus flavour (v)

Devon Blue
a firm textured, sweet, smooth buttery cheese made with unpasteurised Friesian cow's milk in Ticklemore, Devon (v)

Cricket St Thomas brie
vegetarian cheese made with pasteurised cow’s milk in neighbouring Somerset County. This award winning British cheese is made using traditional ripening methods, has pronounced creamy texture, fresh flavour, rich consistency and smooth edible rind


paired perfectly with...


PORT by the glass (50ml)

Taylors Chip Dry White Port     £4.00

Taylors Late Bottle Vintage Reserve 08     £4.00

Warre’s Otima 10 Year Old Tawny     £5.00



9” Pepperoni pizza
+ Ham £1.50
+ Sweetcorn £0.50

Grilled chicken breast
cherry tomato salad, grated parmesan, chunky chips

Home-made fish fingers
chunky chips, peas, sundried tomato aïoli

Penne pasta (v)
tomato sauce, grated cheddar 


Sticky toffee pudding
caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream, fresh redcurrants

Mini rhubarb crumble
vanilla ice cream

Chocolate brownie
chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream

vanilla, chocolate & strawberry ice cream with wafer basket

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Gourmet sandwiches in homemade rolls, with gem lettuce, light vinaigrette

Grilled aubergine (v),
roasted pepper, grilled halloumi 

Minute steak,
sumac onions, aioli, vine tomato, mature cheddar

Home made fish finger,
tartare sauce

Bay Brasserie club sandwich
Toasted sourdough bread, confit free range chicken, egg mayonnaise, cheddar, smoked Denhay Farm bacon, lettuce, tomato

Leek, mushroom & Devon blue cheese rarebit
Toasted sourdough bread, tomato, rocket salad, walnut dressing

Grilled tortilla wraps, gem lettuce, light mustard vinaigrette

Tomato, mozzarella & basil (v) £8.00

Beetroot, hummus, avocado, seasonal leafy greens (vegan) £8.50

Confit chicken, feta & avocado £9.00

Classic sandwiches on white or brown homebaked bread, gem lettuce, hand-fried crisps

Cheddar & home made chutney (v) £6.00

Free range egg & herb mayonnaise (v) £6.00

Roast Westcountry beef & horseradish £7.00

Smoked salmon, dill, crème fraîche  £7.00

Home roasted ham & mustard, £7.00


Home made soup of the day, sourdough bread, churned butter £7.50

Chicken & mayonnaise £4.50

Cheese & tomato £4.00

Ham £4.50