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Welcome to the Bay Brasserie Bar

Located within the heart of the original hotel building, the Bay Brasserie is our beverage hub – serving locally brewed ales, a curated selection of fine wines, a delicious collection of soft drinks, and expertly mixed cocktails…Let us pour you a little something of what you fancy.

Whether you choose to sit on our small terrace, whilst savouring the sea views, or hunker down in our opulent lounge spaces with the crackling fire during the cooler months. This is your time to relax and unwind…

Brasserie Bar open: 11am – 11pm 

English Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey, Peppermint, Green, Camomile, Fruit Teas
from £2.10

Hot Chocolate / White Hot Chocolate
add cream 40p
add marshmallows 40p

Espresso / Double Espresso
Strong coffee shot(s) made with Devon roasted beans
£2.40 / £2.60

Espresso, steamed milk & frothed milk, Cadbury’s chocolate powder

Flat White
Steamed milk & espresso, with no foam

Café Latte
Devon roasted espresso beans, steamed milk, frothed milk

Black coffee made with espresso & hot water

Espresso, steamed milk & chocolate

Pepsi Max (1/2 Pint) £2
Lemonade (1/2 Pint) £2
Britvic 55 Apple Fizz £3
Squeezed Orange Juice £3.30
Squeezed Apple Juice £3.30

J20 (Various) £3.00
Franklin Sour Cherry & Plum £4.50
Franklin Rhubarb Lemonade £4.50
Franklin Raspberry Lemonade £4.50
Britvic Mixers & Juices £2

Squash Various Flavours (1/2 Pint) 80p
Franklin Elderower & Cucumber Mixer £2.40
Franklin Rhubarb & Hibiscus Mixer £2.40

Red Bull £3.50
San Pellegrino £3.30
Simply Fruit Orange or Blackcurrant £2.00
Mineral Water Small £1.80
Mineral Water Large £4.00

Carlsberg Extra Cold £4.50
San Miguel £5.10
Proper Job £5.10
Guinness £6.20
Tribute (Real Ale) £4.80
Thatchers Cider £4.50
Korev £5.50

Birra Moretti £4.50
Alcohol Free Birra Moretti £3.50
San Miguel Gluten Free £4.50
Old Mout Cider £5.40
Corona £4.50
Tribute £4.80


Gordon’s Pink £3.50
Gordon’s £3.30
Bombay Sapphire £3.40
Hendrick’s £4.40
Brockmans £4.20
Tanqueray No 10 £5.00
Tarquin’s (various flavours) £4.20
Edinburgh Gin Liquer (various flavours) £3.70
Edinburgh Gin Liquer (various flavours) £4.20


Bacardi £3.30
Malibu £3.30
Lugger Spiced Rum £4.30
Captain Morgan Spiced £3.30
8Track Spiced £3.40
Gosling’s Dark Rum £4.50


Ketel One £4
Grey Goose £5.30


Southern Comfort £3.60
Disaronno Amaretto £3.70
Baileys (50ml) £5.00
Chambord £3.50
Cointreau £3.50

Passoa £3.40
Grand Marnier £4
Jagermeister £3.20
Kahlua £3.50
Sambuca Black £3.50

Tia Maria £3.50
Pernod £3.50
Archers Peach Schnapps £3.20
Tequila Gold £3.20


Jameson £3.50
Famous Grouse £3.30
Gentleman Jack £4.50
Bulliet Bourbon £4.20


Oban £6.50
Lagavulin £7.00
Talisker £5.70
Glenmorangie £4.90
Glenlivet £5


Martini Extra Dry £3.10
Martini Rosso £3.10


Courvoisier £4.50
Janneau Vsop £5.00
Remy Martin £5.50


Stone’s Ginger Wine £3.30
Harveys Bristol Cream £4.20
Tio Pepe £4.20



A Country hedgerow cocktail of Tarquins blackberry and honey gin, Chambord that marry perfectly for a sweet and fruity cocktail.

Passionfruit Martini

A beautiful juicy burst of passion fruit liqueur, vodka, and a splash of Italian Prosecco.

Espresso Martini

A velvety smooth, rich cocktail of freshly brewed espresso, vodka, and kaluha.


The Cuban classic is one of our most refreshing cocktails. Try it one of two ways: The Classic – minty and fresh – or with raspberries for a touch of sweetness.

Piña Colada

A tropical creamy cocktail of Malibu, pineapple juice and Devon double cream garnished with fresh pineapple.


Lip-smacking sweet and sour cocktail of vodka, cranberry, and orange liqueur a perfect one to start the party


A short, punchy Italian cocktail made simply with equal parts of gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth


Gin based, bittersweet, this bright orange drink has a foamy head

Blue Hawaiian

Classic tropical drink, from Honolulu, tastes like a holiday! Full of coconut and pineapple, with the colour of blue sea

White Lady

Part of the sour family, mixed drinks made of liquor, citrus and sweet, with a foamy top

Tastful nudes

When Tequilla meets Aperol the grapefruit gives balance in the glass

Jungle Bird

Modern cocktail, infusing Italian Campari with Rum, pineapple, lime and demerara syrup

Lavender Tonic

A different G&T, with the color and taste of lavander and blackberry



Bakewell Fizz

A smooth blend of Italian Amaretto, cherry bolls, and prosecco for a refreshing hint of almond fizz.

Chambord Royale

A twist on a French classic, layering prosecco over the black raspberry liqueur of Chambord.


A refreshing mix of Prosecco, elderflower, mint and lime. The taste of a mojito, but different!

Aperol Spritz

One of the most popular cocktails in Italy. Aperol, prosecco, and soda water, full of Mediterranean orange flavours



Candy Crush

Sweetshop raspberry lemonade bejeweled with rainbow candies


Pineapple and orange juice with a shot of grenadine, looking like a Woolacombe sunset


Frresh lime and minty

Green Apple

A resfreshing mocktail with the goodness of greeen apple, the zest of lime, and the freshness of mint leaves

il Castelli Prosecco DOC Italy (#49)

A lovely straw yellow with a faint greenish reflection in color. The aroma is subtle with a fruity scent and hints of apple. Along with a dry, crispy, and fruity palate which is pleasant and a clean finish.

125ml glass – £7.50
BOTTLE – £32

Charles Vercy Cuvee de Reserve Brut Champagne France (#50)

A wine of marvellous balance, this Champagne is a delicious blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  Its appearance is an enticing golden colour and it is expressive and refined on the palate with a hint of vinosity.

125ml glass – £12.50
BOTTLE – £70

Champagne Louis Roderer France (#44)

The repertoire of citrus aromas wafts up in its own time, with a hint of spring snowdrops, then quite an assertive flavour of lemon confit on the palate, with an intriguing finish.

BOTTLE – £100


Cuvee Rose Laurent-Perrier France (#45)

This iconic rosé Champagne has great depth and freshness with hints of fresh strawberries, raspberries and wild cherries.

BOTTLE – £120

Sharpham Dart Valley Reserve White England (#1)

This off-dry and ever-popular wine has a light, fresh character achieved by carefully blending the different grape varieties and partially ageing in American Oak. Lovely fruit aromas with supple delicate flavours.

125ml glass £6.00 / 175ml glass £7.50 / 250ml glass £10 / bottle £30


Camel Valley Bacchus England (#2)

Characteristic aromas of hedgerows and apple orchards, bright lemon-green in colour, crisp elderflower and grapefruit flavours, medium length, good intensity, with a very fresh clean finish and a hint of sweetness.

125ml glass £8 / 175ml glass £11 / 250ml glass £14 / bottle £42


Sharpham Pinot Noir England (#3)

Summer Red possesses a refreshing ripe fruit and flavours, delightfully balanced by a subtle oak finish.

125ml glass £8 / 175ml glass £11 / 250ml glass £14 / bottle £42


Camel Valley Pinot Noir Rose Brut England (#5)

Really individual English style in the best possible way. Characteristic aromas of wild strawberries and raspberries, very well balanced with a pure, refreshing finish. Mouth-watering.

bottle £77


Bello Tramonto Pinot Grigio  Italy (#6)

Straw yellow in appearance, the generous, well-balanced Pinot Grigio has a rich fruity aroma with a smooth fruity taste.

125ml glass £5 / 175ml glass £6 / 250ml glass £8 / bottle £25


Boira Pinot Grigio I.G.T Organic Chile (#7)

The bouquet unmissable and immediate with hints of acacia flowers. On the palate it’s dry, on the one hand fairly full-bodied yet delicately flavoured, and notably well-balanced.

125ml glass £6 / 175ml glass £7.50 / 250ml glass £10 / bottle £30


Pecorino Terre di Chieti Dega’ Bio IGP Vignamadre Italy (#8)

Floral notes with scents of lemon zest, pear and freshly cut grass.  On the palate it is fresh and savoury with a slight buttery note.  Expressive and well balanced.

bottle £26

Altozano Verdejo Sauvignon Blanch
 Spain (#9)

A blend of fennel and freshly cut grass from the Verdejo grapes along with aromas of exotic fruit – mango and passionfruit – from the Sauvignon Blanc. SWA Silver Award.

125ml glass £5 / 175ml glass £6 / 250ml glass £8 / bottle £25


Fat Barrel Sauvignon Blanc South Africa (#10)

A light and refreshing palate teaser, packed with sunny, tropical passion fruit and pineapple, invigorated by a citrus twang and a lively lemon and lime surge on the dry, frisky finish. SWA Commended,

125ml glass £5.50 / 175ml glass £6.50 / 250ml glass £9 / bottle £28

Turtle Bay Sauvignon Blanc
New Zealand (#11)

This wine is fresh and vibrant with passion fruit, gooseberry and some melon characters. It has a balanced richness of fruit with a floral note through the palate, with intense depth of flavour and a crisp finish.  SWA Commended.

bottle £32

Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea Sauvignon Blanc 
Romania (#12)

A straw yellow wine with green infections. Bright with intense aromas of elder, acacia and white flowers and a balanced taste between the floral and fruit notes.

125ml glass £6.50 / 175ml glass £8.50 / 250ml glass £11 / bottle £32

Franschhoek Cellars Unoaked Chardonnay (Town Hall) 
South Africa (#13)

Beautifully bright and pure lemon yellow with striking pineapple and lime on the nose, a perky and balanced palate of tropical fruit lead into a frisky finish.

125ml glass £5.50 / 175ml glass £6.50 / 250ml glass £9 / bottle £26

3 Passo Bianco – Vegan
Italy (#14)

Fresh, balanced, so and round with light fruity notes. SWA Commended.

125ml glass £6.50 / 175ml glass £8.50 / 250ml glass £11 / bottle £32

Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea Chardonnay
Romania (#15)

The complex aromas are dominated by fruit and complemented by freshly fried hazelnut, finished in a wide and lasting after taste.

125ml glass £6.50 / 175ml glass £8.50 / 250ml glass £11 / bottle £32

Louis Latour
Macon Lugny France (#16)

A pale colour disguises a nose of exotic fruit evolving in to flavours of papaya and pineapple on the perfectly balanced intensely flavoured palate.

bottle £38

Faustino Rivero Ulecia Albarino Spain (#17)

A beautiful lemon yellow with golden hues. Citrus and oral notes on the nose, a fantastic fresh finish. Floral notes with an elegant herbal background in the mouth with a good volume. SWA Commended.

125ml glass £7 / 175ml glass £9 / 250ml glass £12 / bottle £34


Illusion Chenin Blanc South Africa (#18)

Green apples and peach aromas jump out of the glass, this Chenin is oral and fun with the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. SWA Commended.

bottle £27

Domaine La Serre Picpoul de Pinet
France (#19)

Crisp and dry on the palate with additional notes of peach and melon, there is a backbone of intesnse minerality and a zippy, clean acidity that work together to deliver a long refreshing finish.

125ml glass £7 / 175ml glass £9 / 250ml glass £12 / bottle £34

Rothschild Viognier
France (#20)

A deep gold colour with preserved fruit on the nose leads into an expansive and balanced palate of apricot, peach and quince jelly.

125ml glass £5.50 / 175ml glass £7 / 250ml glass £9 / bottle £27

Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea Viognier
Romania (#21)

A round, dense and friendly wine with aromas of white fruit, vines, citrus and subtle oak.  It has a long and fresh finish

125ml glass £6.50 / 175ml glass £8.50 / 250ml glass £11 / bottle £32


Faustino Rivero Blanco D.O.Ca Rioja Spain (#22)

Part of the white Rioja revolution. Very aromatic, with fruity aromas of apples and bananas.

bottle £32

Principesa Margareta Romania (#23)

A blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Barrique Viogner in acacia and oak barrels.  A floral dimension and aromas, white plums, vanilla, viners, fresh acacia flowers, lime and dried flowers. An extensive, fresh finish.

bottle £49

Jean Pabiot Pouilly Fume Domaine des Fines Caillottes 
France (#24)

Straw coloured with golden highlights, an elegant nose opens up with oral notes, blossom and ripe apricots. Velvety smooth peach and pear fruits lead to a stunning spicy vanilla finish.

bottle £52

Chablis Vignoble Angst France (#25)
The nose will reveal aromas of white flowers, elderflower, acacia and citrus notes.  The palate is tight and invigorating with a mineral finish.

bottle £56


I Castelli Merlot Italy (#25)

Bright ruby red colour. Aromas of raspberry and huckleberry. Great fruit content. SWA Silver Award.

125ml glass £5 / 175ml glass £6 / 250ml glass £8 / bottle £24


3 Passo Rosso – Vegan Italy (#26)

Full and round, with notes of ripe red fruit. SWA Gold Award.

125ml glass £6.50 / 175ml glass £8.50 / 250ml glass £11 / bottle £32


Domaine de Valmoissine Pinot Noir Louis Latour France (#27)

A medium-bodied Pinot Noir with a velvety-textured palate brimming with ripe cherry and strawberry fruits laced with vanilla, leading to a rounded finish.

bottle £35


Sharpham Pinot Noir England (#28)

Summer Red possesses a refreshing ripe fruit and flavours, delightfully balanced by a subtle oak finish.

125ml glass £7.50 / 175ml glass £10.50 / 250ml glass £13 / bottle £38



Central Monte Cabernet Sauvignon Chile (#29)

Full-bodied and velvety this wine is bursting with rich red fruits and a hint of vanilla. A real joy to drink.

125ml glass £5 / 175ml glass £6 / 250ml glass £8 / bottle £24


Healy & Gray Estate Claret France (#30)

Dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon, but the perfume of Merlot and Cabernet Franc play their part in this intense yet pitch-perfect medium-bodied wine.

bottle £27


Chianti DOCG Celsus Trambusti Italy (#31)

Bright ruby red colour. Easy drinking with ripe berry aromas and rich cherry flavours on the palate. Stunning!

bottle £27


Primitivo Maestro Puglia IGT Italy (#32)

Full and round with so sweet tannins, hints of fruit compote.

bottle £29

Illusion Pinotage South Africa (#33)

A beautiful mulberry nose that is clean and fresh. The palate is medium-bodied with chewy black fruit. A hint of Provençal herbs and fennel, leading to a nicely poised finish. SWA Gold Award.

125ml glass £6 / 175ml glass £7.50 / 250ml glass £10 / bottle £29


Valpolicella Ripasso DOC Monteci Italy (#34)

Sophisticated aromas of forest fruits and morello cherry. Fine and complex. Rounded, full-bodied, well-balanced and persistent.

bottle £35



Franschhoek Cellars Shiraz (Bakers Station) South Africa (#35)

A deep plum colour with expressive and fragrant blackberry and pepper spice with juicy and balanced pleasing finesse set against modest oak.

125ml glass £6.50 / 175ml glass £7 / 250ml glass £9 / bottle £26


La Grupa Malbec Argentina (#36)

An upfront ripe red fruit nose with sweet spice hints, that lead into a voluminous structure of cherries and plum, followed by a warming pleasant finish.

125ml glass £6 / 175ml glass £7.50 / 250ml glass £10 / bottle £29

Clavel Côtes du Rhône Villages Chusclan France (#37)

Black-plum and cherry flavours are pleasantly plump and juicy here but edged by savoury undertones of garrigue and fresh moss. Full-bodied and richly concentrated.

bottle £32


Bulas Douro DOC Tinto Portugal (#38)

The palate is structured and complex, the tannins are soft and tender with just a hint of spices providing a long and persistent finish.

bottle £34


Saint Emilion Reserve Dulong France (#39)

Round and supple attack on the palate. Great, rich and fleshy structure. Notes of liquorice, red and black fruits aromas at the end.

bottle £38

Viña Cerrada Reserva D.O.Ca Rioja Spain (#40)

This wine is cherry red with brick red tones. There are intense, spicy, ripe cherry and plum aromas merged with notes of tobacco, toffee, vanilla and wood. On the palate, the body is full and fleshy with excellent balance.

bottle £42


Chateau d’ Angludet Cru Bourgeois Margaux 2012 France (#41)

Blackberries and freshly ground spice evolve into a beautifully restrained chewy palate of bramble fruit with a creamy elegance from this sensational vintage.

bottle £80

Quite the most delicious wine, a racy mix of watermelon and cherry with a delectable sweetness.

SWA Commended.

125ml glass £5 / 175ml glass £6 / 250ml glass £8 / bottle £24


Chemin de Provence Rosé France (#24)

Red fruits like raspberries and strawberries on the nose initially then more exotic fruits like guava in the background. The palate is fresh and clean, emphasising ripe strawberries and perfectly balanced acidity.

125ml glass £6.50 / 175ml glass £8.50 / 250ml glass £11 / bottle £32


Chateau Les Mingets Sauternes France (#46)

A concentrated, luscious dessert wine showing intense flavours of caramelized fruits, pear, melon, and almond, rounded and balanced by good acidity.

50ml glass £7.50 / bottle £30


Bulas Reserve White Portugal (#47)

With a golden colour and intense aroma, the nuts predominate. In the mouth, it is balanced with a well-integrated acidity in the sweetness. Fresh and long finish.

50ml glass £5 / bottle £40


Bulas LBV Portugal (#48)

This port wine from a single harvest was trodden by foot, fermented in stainless steel tanks and bottled after 4 years. It bears intense, complex aromas with notes of black fruits and chocolate.

50ml glass £5.50 / bottle £55


Bulas Tawny 10 YO Portugal (#49)

10-year-old Tawny is the result of a careful blend of port wines aged in oak barrels in the winery (10 years indicates an average age). This wine is a blend of older wines, which offer superior complexity, with younger wines, which bring fresh fruit avours.

50ml glass £5.50 / bottle £55


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