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Our favourite coastal walks

Of all the coast paths in England, the 630-mile South West Coast Path (SWCP) is the longest and possibly hilliest.

But that’s Devon, up hill down dale. And, because it’s Devon, whenever you get to the top there’s a wonderful view to take in – if there be no sea fog. Witticisms aside, walking all or a section of the path is a fine way to spend a little (or a lot) of time.

Whether you are having an afternoon stroll or you want to challenge yourself to walking the whole 630 miles, you have come to the right place if you are looking for a hotel on the South West Coast Path. We can offer all kinds of advice to help you make the most of your stay, and arrange hampers or packed lunches for your adventures.

Discover a digestible slice of the path with these walking ideas…

WALK 1: Woolacombe to Potters Hill

This little route could be described as steep but sweet. Indeed, it’s well worth a brief huff and puff for brilliant views of Morte Point and Woolacombe, along with an abundance of coastal flora and fauna. The lush coastal grasslands are especially rich for smaller birds, mammals and reptiles. Difficulty/Distance: Easy. Varies from 1.2km (under a mile) to 3 miles for the longer route.

Map & Directions

WALK 2: Woolacombe to Mortehoe

Morthoe is a cute, tiny village that can be reached within just a short half hour or so walk from Woolacombe. From here, you can then head out to Morte Point for spectacular views, or indeed head for Lee, a local village with smuggling history, along the South West Coast Path. Depending on the route you choose, you may get views of Lundy Island and also Wales on a clear day. Distance/Difficulty: Easy to medium. From 4.5 to 6.25 miles depending on route.

Map & Directions

WALK 3: Croyde to Baggy Point

Spectacularly craggy and renowned for stunning spring and summer wildflowers, Baggy Point is a great location to get a taste of the North Devon Coast at its most rugged. Not that the route is dramatically difficult; on the contrary, it’s an easy, family-friendly walk from Baggy Point to Croyde.

Aside from amazing views, it’s also a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) with amazing geological features and wildlife. Pack a rod on your walk and you’ll find good sea fishing in the vicinity for species like wrasse, pollack and garfish by day, rays and various dogfish by night. Oh, and look out for the giant whale bones too! Difficulty/ distance: Easy (2 miles).

Map & Directions

WALK 4: Lynton to the Valley of the Rocks

Ok, so you will need to take a slightly longer drive for this route (20 miles or so from Woolacombe), but for sheer uniqueness this area is well worth a visit. In spite of some impressive scenery, the trails are easy going too (mostly tarmacked).

There are two other things you simply must try if you spend a day out in this area. One is to have a ride on the Lynton Cliff Railway; the other is to meet the famous wild goats of North Devon! We “kid” you not (sorry, couldn’t resist), they are quite lovable and have been here for as long as anyone can remember. Lynton itself has plenty of pretty shops, pubs and places to peruse too. Difficulty/distance: Easy (2.7 miles).

Map & Directions


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