Road to Recovery

Our thinking

Our spa is a wellness destination, a nurturing haven of tranquillity. Never before have such destinations been needed as much as now.

Our empathetic approach has always been to keep your wellness and well-being front of mind. We have always held cleanliness and hygiene as sacred, but now more than ever we want spa-goers to trust that we’ll put their safety and that of our employees above all else. This guide tells you all about the steps we are taking and what you can expect when you visit the Alchemist Spa.

If you have any questions or concerns about your visit, please email us.

We make a commitment that the Alchemist Spa will follow all the latest UK government guidance and safety protocols including:

  • Ensuring our cancellation policy and terms & conditions are readily available to you when you book

  • Welcoming you to with a warm, professional (touch free) greeting

  • Allowing you plenty of time to complete your consultation form if you have not already done so before arrival

  • All employees are fully trained and regularly updated with procedures in line with the latest government guidance and safety protocols

  • Regular and thorough hand-washing and sanitising from our employees at all times, especially before and after your treatment

  • Adequate provision of hand sanitising facilities throughout the spa

  • Use of PPE such as gloves, face coverings, aprons etc. where required

  • Adherence to social distancing etiquettes in non- treatment spaces throughout your visit

  • Safe, regular and thorough sanitising of all treatment areas, facilities, surfaces and equipment

  • Provisions of fresh, clean and appropriately laundered linens throughout your visit, including towels, robes, treatment linen etc

  • The removal of shared items such as tester products, reading materials, soft furnishings etc

  • Appropriate provision for the disposal of waste material throughout the spa

  • Contactless payment is available, where possible

  • Employees will not be permitted to work in the spa if they, or anyone in their home present with any COVID-19 symptoms

In accordance with UK government guidance and safety protocols we ask that:

  • If you or anyone in your home presents with any COVID-19 symptoms within 14 days of your booking, please follow UK government guidance and inform us

  • Please ensure you are familiar with the spa cancellation policy and terms and conditions before making a booking

  • Please ensure you wash and sanitise your hands upon arrival at the spa and frequently throughout your visit

  • Ensure your consultation form is completed in full prior to any treatment taking place with us

  • Please ensure that you observe all social distancing measures that have been put in place

  • Please use the correct bins provided to appropriately dispose of waste material

  • Please wear your reusable mask from the time you enter the building. Your therapist will instruct you about current guidelines regarding this.

Thank you!

Recovery Ritual

Limited Edition Spa Experience


It's understandable if the year so far has left you feeling a little out of sorts; we are here for you.

It’s time to rebalance and rediscover a sense of calm with new treatment duo which uses our carefully blended natural oils to soothe, calm, invigorate or detoxify based on what your body is craving most

Through a three-step bespoke back massage and facial your friendly therapist will work with you to focus on your personal wellness needs during your treatment, discussing which natural ingredients will leave your skin feeling radiant and refreshed, from dull, lack-lustre skin types to enlarged pores - we’ll guide you on the path ultimately leaving you feeling nourished, full of positive thoughts and looking to the future.

£80 for 55 minutes

STEP ONE Choose your body oil...

Time to pick your body oil to suit your skin’s needs. There’s ylang-ylang and evening primrose oil, natural sweet orange, raspberry, chamomile, rosehip oils and many more - all designed to either sooth, calm, invigorate or detoxify...


Choose your body oil...

STEP TWO Muscle melting back massage

Your therapist will massage your chosen oil into your skin, helping you to unwind and remove unwanted muscle tension from your back. With this bespoke massage, choose whether your pressure should work deep into the muscle tissue or be more relaxing, sending you into an almost meditative state of bliss...


Muscle melting back massage

STEP THREE Your bespoke facial

During this completely bespoke facial your therapist will work with you to discuss which natural ingredients will leave your skin feeling radiant and refreshed, from dull lack-lustre skin types to enlarged pores - we’ll guide you on the path towards the skin you dream of.


Your bespoke facial

AUTUMN SPA Autumn awakens...

We have hand-crafted a selection of seasonal journeys to help you protect, nourish and support your skin against the changing Autumnal elements.