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Reward your workouts

Everyone trains for something, what's your motivation? When you take part in a small group session, you become part of our community and, even if you're just here for a one-off, we'll lend you a MyZone belt.

Monitor your effort output in real-time on gym display screens, track your progress, and drive your results. MyZone belts are available to buy for £50. Join us regularly to earn MyZone Effort Points (MEPs) and indulgent rewards.


Fundamentally it's a heart monitor. At SALT we use it to draw the most out of your fitness. You can monitor your results, earn rewards as part of our fitness community, and enjoy the journey.

When you enter the SALT gymnasium our strategically placed TV monitors will instantly recognise that you are wearing your MyZone belt and will display your real-time fitness performance.

On each screen your fitness performance will be displayed, colour coded according to your fitness level. Working at a steady output? You're in the green. Powering through at maximum effort? You'll be working in the red - if you prefer, you can keep your performance private, and monitor your efforts directly on your phone.

MEPs are awarded automatically throughout your session as you spend time in each zone. It's your effort that counts the most - this is not about constantly pushing to the max, in fact there are no more points to be earned by exercising into the higher zone, you'll be awarded for consistency.

Accumulate your MEPs over a number of months and you're automatically entered into our awards scheme, boost your MEPs with dedicated elements or why not book a specialist PT session to get ahead of the game? Smash the threshold target each session and revel in the rewards - from Alchemist Spa vouchers, Neo Cinema perks or, for our own grand finale each year, your own signature stay experience!

When you take part in a small group session, you become part of our community.  Even if you're just here for a one-off, we'll lend you a MyZone belt. If you join our community for more than just a one-off, you can buy a MyZone belt at SALT for the secial price of £50 (RRP £119).

We don't charge joining fees, and we don't have confusing memberships. We do reward dedication and drive potential.




We know that fitness targets are much easier if you have a support network to guide you, give you advice and motivate you. MyZone coupled with SALT's first class service does all of this and more. SALT is a fitness community; MyZone invites you to train harder, earn harder, and feel better.