Thursday 7th July, 6:30pm

With external and internal pressures and stressors being at the forefront of our lives it is more important than ever to take a pause, to reset and breathe and come to a place of being so the body can heal itself.

If you are always doing, worrying, rushing, fighting against, pushing, and driving forward, searching, feeling tired, drained or like you have a lack of energy, then your body and mind may not be letting you recover and recharge. Your nervous system could be out of balance. This prevents your cells from rejuvenating to their full potential, your mind doesn’t get a chance to be creative and spacious and clear, plus sleep can become a challenge - either falling asleep or staying asleep is a problem. Hormones become out of balance, moods and emotions swing.

Maybe you feel full to the brink and your resilience is lower than you would like? Of course life may be exactly as you want it and you feel awesome, then come lie and be still and enjoy the journey!


Gift yourself time, allow the sounds to penetrate through you, healing to reset your own vibration back to balance. Maybe putting you in an alpha, theta or even delta brainwaves states, where rest, restoring and compartmentalising is fertile.

Studies have shown that sound meditation like this can boost mood, ease tension and anxiety, help to relieve physical pain, and enhance spiritual well-being so, while it won't burn any calories, it is the perfect way to compliment your usual fitness regime.

Hosted by Sue Dawson from SGP Pilates, in The Ballroom, this experience is a form of guided meditation where you'll be bathed in the sounds of bowls and gongs.

75 MINS  |  £15.00 PER PERSON


To book, please click the button above, go to 7th July 2022 on the timetable, and select 'Immersion Sound Bath'




Here to help...
WHAT SHOULD I BRING? Think cosy...

Essentially, this is all about cosying on down - bring warm blankets, pillows, eye mask, mat... anything that makes you feel warm and relaxed - so you can settle in and be guided on a journey of sound vibration.


Think cosy...

WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT? This is your journey...

We'll meet just before 6:30pm in the Ballroom. The session will begin with an embodied breath meditation to relax you, then just lie, listen, breathe, feel the sounds, and uncover what is meant for you. Your journey will be unique to you.


This is your journey...

Please meet at The Ballroom a few minutes before the session.

Late admission is not available. Show up and commit...or don't.

If you need to cancel with less than 48 hours' notice, or no-show, you will lose your session fee. This session can be booked and cancelled using this link:

Wear your own style, there are no rules! The most important thing to remember when choosing clothing for this session is comfort.