Bespoke fitness at our boutique gym in Devon

We want something different to every other gymnasium: wellbeing for every body. A boutique gym in Devon, SALT is home to a carefully curated selection of scientifically-proven equipment from both industry leaders and lesser-known trailblazers. Keiser, Versaclimber and Technogym all feature. We are dedicated in providing exceptional service, extraordinary trainers and coaches to guide, motivate and inspire throughout your well-being journey.

All facilities can be accessed on a commitment-free, pay-to-train basis.


On the gym floor

Keiser Keiser Keiser Keiser
Keiser Pneumatic Technology

For a safer, easier, more efficient way to increase strength, improve core stability and gain overall muscle performance, there's only one choice: Keiser. Everyone from first-time gym members to pro athletes champion it. Designed so that your muscles remain active and engaged throughout the entire range of motion and velocities, there's reduced shock loading to muscles, connective tissues and joints. Keiser kit is available on the gym floor, or as part of a Keiser Krush30 circuit-training session.

Technogym Technogym
Technogym Double the intensity

A key feature from Technogym is the Skillmill – a non-motorised treadmill that will double the intensity of your workout. Without speed or incline buttons, the Skillmill runs under your own steam and slows when you slow. It tones your entire posterior chain — which means it works the glutes, hamstrings and lower back – burns more calories, and puts your body in more of a comfortable, easy, athletic position.

VersaClimber VersaClimber VersaClimber VersaClimber
VersaClimber We don't spin, we don't ride, we climb!

Our VersaClimbers offers a whole different way to train. Upright, the VersaClimber mimics a climbing action with resistance that you control. It’s a great whole-body workout that’s low impact – so safe if you suffer with joint issues or back pain. Also, if you’re actively trying to increase the number of calories you burn through exercise, the VersaClimber is a great way to amp things up. Join high enerygy Bass Climb and early morning Rise, Shine, Climb sessions to really smash it.

MyZone MyZone MyZone
MyZone Fitness monitoring

Everyone trains for something, what's your motivation? Train with us and earn MyZone Effort Points (MEPs) for indulgent rewards. When you join our community, even if just for a single small group training session, you can use a MyZone belt to track your real-time fitness performance either through an app or on strategically placed screens. Find out more...

Luxury Facilities
Luxury Facilities No roughing it

From Wifi to complimentary towels, we have you covered. Luxurious products from Natural Spa Factory are in all of our changing rooms and are free from all parabans and nasties. Spacious dressing tables with hair dryers & straighteners give you plenty of room to refresh post work-out. 

Personal Training & Clinic The specialists


Amp your fitness and take it to the next level with bespoke fitness programmes, guided training and nutritional advice. Achieve peak form with Deep Tissue Massage, Injury Rehabilitation and expert attention.



From daylight to twilight

SALT is open from 6:30am to 8:00pm Monday to Friday, and 7:30am to 6:00pm at weekends. If you are joining a class or session, please arrive at least 10 minutes early.



Join us for a one-off drop in session for freestyle gym or a specialist class and decide if SALT is right for you. Book online and pay just £6 for a 30-minute session. Choose from Bass Climb, Rise Shine Climb, SALT Scult or Keiser Krush30.