Luxury bathing





Quality time for you both. Indulge in a luxury copper tub bathing experience together. Your bath butler will draw your bath and add your choice of oil so you can simply sink in and relax in your private suite.

This experience includes:

30 minute bathing experience for 2 people

Gotu Kola. Revered in India & China for its ability to enhance spirituality, and referred to by many as ‘the herb of enlightenment’. Gotu Kola extract has been scienti cally proven to help treat brain fogginess and alleviate anxiety. A mind, body and mood booster, it’s incredible for both re-freshing and de-stressing, and it’s a key ingredient for this evening exclusive copper tub experience. Enjoyed after 5pm, this moonlight dip will ease you into a restful night’s sleep, whether in your hotel suite or at home.