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Top 10 Romantic Ways to Treat Your Partner

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Could your other half use a romantic treat this year? Whether it is a birthday gift, an anniversary treat or a surprise escape for Valentine's Day, there’s no time like the present to plan something special. Never mind the usual chocolates and perfume though, it's time to do something different this year! Here are ten of the best ways to treat your loved one.

1. Try something new together!

All of us have daydreams and ideas to try new things. Why not make these a reality this year? Go to the restaurant you keep saying you want to try, or visit that dream location rather than just visiting online! A change of scenery or new activity is always a great way to freshen things up, after all. Perhaps your partner has always wanted to learn to dance or try their hand at painting or a special craft? Many couples try out new activities in the early days of their relationship, but work and less-than-romantic routines often take over. What better way of reigniting that early sense of fun than with a shared activity?   

2. Choose your words...

Even if you regularly say “I love you” there is something magical about writing your feelings down. After all, chocolates and flowers only last for days, whereas a special keepsake can last a lifetime. It needn’t be a masterpiece; just make it personal and from the heart, sometimes a few short words are all you need.

3. Do something thrilling! 

Sometimes, the best aphrodisiac is not chocolate or bubbly but a dash of excitement! Whether you jump in the car at the very last minute and head for North Devon, try horse-riding on the beach for the first time or hangliding over the sand dunes - quickening the pulse is always a great recipe for romance. Unless you are both fans of adrenaline, it needn’t be anything too hair-raising though. In our corner of North Devon, for example, great way to gently raise the dial a little is a trip on the Lynton & Lynmouth Cliff Railway.

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4. Try a "His & Hers" spa session...

Pampering treatments and indulgent spa sessions are always welcomed by wives and girlfriends. But if women can sometimes be unwilling to treat themselves to some TLC for body and mind, men are even slower to invest in their wellbeing! So, if your partner won’t spoil themself, you know what you can do. Or, better still, why not arrange a spa session for two? These can be a great way to relax and enjoy each other’s company.  Our very own Haven Spa has plenty on offer for both of you. With a brand new range of Elemis treatments, from women's relaxtion rituals to men's deep tissue massage, or our peaceful pregnancy massage is the perfect gift for expectant mothers! 

5. Personalise your gift! 

If the usual Valentine's Day gifts seem a bit predictable, why not add something more original into the mix? These days so many companies make gifts for him or her that can be customized, whether it’s a pen or a special piece of jewelry. But you needn’t spend a fortune; another great Valentine’s gift idea is to get him or her a jar of treats and add your own secret messages on folded paper. Try ten reasons you love and appreciate them.

6. Change the scenery...

Nothing freshens up your feelings than a trip to somewhere new and unfamiliar. Perhaps you could visit a new town or city, or share a beautiful place you’ve only admired in pictures previously? We are so lucky here in North Devon; we have some of the most romantic beaches and locations in the UK right on our doorstep - With Woolacombe being voted Britain's Best Beach for 2015 & 2016 and the Woolacombe Bay Hotel being nestled between stunning National Trust scenery, there's nothing like waking up to our breathtaking view...

7. Spring a surprise! 

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Another great way to pep up any Valentine’s Day treat is to add the element of surprise. Perhaps it could be a mystery trip away? Or something left in a drawer, in their car or somewhere they will stumble across it? As long as it’s not something humorous or embarrassing you could even arrange to have it waiting at their place of work? A great option for a fantastic surprise gift are our unique Woolacombe Bay Gift Vouchers, available to spend across a range of facilities, luxurious Elemis products, dining in The Bay Brasserie or Doyle's Restaurant or even to put towards a special break. The best part? Gift vouchers don't need to be used right away! Your loved one can save their gift for a time that suits them...

8. Cook up some romance! 

Food is always a great catalyst for love. Nor is it just the prospect of a rather special meal; it also means no trip to the shops, no cooking and no washing up! If he or she usually cooks dinner, you could turn the tables? If you have a popular spot in mind, or it's Valentine's Day, do be prepared to book nice and early!

9. Make it entertaining...

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When was the last time you booked tickets for two? Another great way to get closer to your partner is the addition of something entertaining. Perhaps there is a band, production or comedian they always wanted to see but would never splash out on tickets? Get them to save the date, but see if you can keep the event a surprise.

10. Plan a special Romantic break in Devon!

Of course, the ultimate way to make any anniversary, birthday or Valentines Day memorable is to whisk your partner away for a night or two! Indeed, you could easily make it two days or even a romantic holiday? It needn’t take weeks of planning or a huge investment; but it has to be something a little special.

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Here at The Woolacombe Bay Hotel we have the perfect spot for romantic breaks in Devon. It's always worth keeping an eye on this blog and our Facebook page, while our special hotel offers section is also worth checking for the latest 2017 deals! Add our award-winning restaurant, spa facilities and a fabulous setting right next to the beach and you have the perfect recipe for romance!