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10 Persuasive Reasons to Join a Gym

10 Persuasive Reasons

to Join a Gym at Woolacombe Bay

We give so much of ourselves to our jobs, children, families, and friends, there’s sometimes nothing left. Sprawling out on the sofa with some comfort food is a logical response. No thinking, no meetings, no demands—just inactivity.

We all need down time like this, and some soul food occasionally. The problem is when we stop finding any motivation to exercise.

Getting fit changes your life, in the best possible way. We’re all “aware” how important exercise is, but sometimes we need reminding just how profound the benefits are.

Joining a gym is a focused way to get yourself back on track. Here are 10 hard to ignore reasons to join.  

It’s Essential for Your Health
It’s Essential for Your Health

Your health is most obvious of reasons. If you exercise regularly, you’ll increase your metabolic rate, which helps you burn more calories. This in turn helps you lose weight, which is the tip of the iceberg.

The NHS details a long list of diseases and conditions (including heart disease) associated with sedentary lifestyles. This means there’s a corresponding list, equally as long for the preventative health benefits of exercise. See below.


Exercising means

20% lower risk of breast cancer
30% lower risk of depression
35% lower risk of heart disease3
35% lower risk of a stroke
50% lower risk of type 2 diabetes
50% lower risk of colon cancer
83% lower risk of osteoarthritis

The gym isn’t the only place to do regular exercise. But, if you’re out of practice it’s an inspirational space, full of likeminded individuals.

For Quality Fitness Equipment
For Quality Fitness Equipment

Unfortunately, this isn’t guaranteed. Not unless you join a state-of-the-art gym with its finger on the pulse.

Gym equipment is designed to make getting fit and losing weight easier—and buying this equipment yourself would cost thousands. Also, at home there’s always a vital exercise that’s impossible to do without professional equipment.

To Make New Friends
To Make New Friends

This is sometimes overlooked. We’re joining the gym to get fit, not chat. The thing is, gyms are usually full of friendly people, just like you, at various fitness levels. There’s always someone on a similar path, and it’s great to find solidarity.

The journey to getting fit is not always an easy one—the trials, tribulations and glories bring people together. You never know, you might make friends for life.

And, teaming up for workouts is fun—you may get even more out of it.

For Access to Knowledge
For Access to Knowledge

Google is one thing, but people able to use an experienced personal trainer and speak to knowledgeable professionals is invaluable. Many choose not to join a gym because they’re afraid they’ll be teased for their lack of knowledge.

It’s the opposite that’s true. It’s all about learning—where would the experts be without those in need of their expertise? Out of a job.

There are many ways to exercise inefficiently and incorrectly (doing damage to yourself)—with proper support the sky’s the limit.

For Uninterrupted Routines
For Uninterrupted Routines

Unless you fancy star jumps in the rain? As lovely as the outdoors is, in winter or when it’s rainy it’s no fun exercising.

Even breaking your routine for a couple of days can put you out of the swing of it. There’s no annoying weather in the gym. Come rain or shine you can get stuck into your personal routine. Consistency is key to achieving the results you want.

It Strengthens Your Mind
It Strengthens Your Mind

Exercise improves every aspect of your body, including your brain.

It’s common knowledge that exercising improves your circulation. Your brain loves nothing more than a fresh supply of oxygenated blood.

It’s thought that exercising increases the size of your hippocampus, the area of the brain involved with memory and learning. It also promotes chemicals being released that help your brain grow new blood vessels and synaptic pathways—ultimately affecting the health and longevity of your brain cells.

It Reduces Your Stress Levels
It Reduces Your Stress Levels

Few of us are immune to the stresses of daily life. With a lack of natural predators in the modern world our threat response, which is a basic instinct, lacks an outlet.

So, rather than a surge of adrenaline readying us for our escape from a wild beast, we feel threatened in response to life’s demands. As a result, many of us experience surges in adrenaline and stress hormones frequently.

When this response goes haywire it becomes anxiety.

The primary stress hormone cortisol increases blood sugar levels, hinders digestion and weakens our immune systems.

On the contrary working out at the gym can help balance your levels of cortisol and releases feel-good chemicals—blissful endorphins.

It Improves your Sleep
It Improves your Sleep

It’s possible to feel tired, but also buzzed—when your mind has been over stimulated. When your job isn’t physical and relies solely upon your brain it can be difficult to fall asleep. Difficult to turn your brain off.

Physical tiredness after exercising is a more wholesome feeling aided by endorphins. Your mind hasn’t been taxed so it’s calm and sleep becomes a close friend rather than a distant acquaintance. Falling asleep is easier.

Furthermore, exercise improves the quality of your sleep—allowing you deeper rest, so you’ll awake refreshed rather than groggy.

It’s not certain why exercise affects sleep, but it does, which is what matters.

For Pure Relaxation Time
For Pure Relaxation Time

Some gyms are gyms, and nothing else. Others are part of a wider wellness complex, with pools, spa treatments and saunas. We don’t visit gyms to unwind, but why not if it’s on offer?

A full body workout followed by a dip in a pool or a relaxing massage is a perfect combination. How about a turn in a Swedish style sauna to ease achy muscles?

With the intensity of life, time to ourselves isn’t always a given—sometimes we must take it or make it.

To Look Great & Feel great
To Look Great & Feel great

The most important reason to join a gym and start exercising, is obviously your health. That said, an unfortunate side effect of getting fit and healthy is the way your body looks. You’ll be toned, stronger and your skin will thank you.

Exercising releases feel-good chemicals, yes, but another strong psychological response is how you’ll feel about your body, and yourself. Health issues caused by sedentary lifestyles are concerning, but that’s not to say everyone should have a six pack and be able to run marathons.

If you feel that shaping up is what you want, then go for it. It’s something we do for ourselves, not to meet society’s prescribed image of how we should look. We do it to feel better in our own eyes.

Joining a gym and starting to use your heart and muscles properly is daunting, but once you get started the rush of giving your body and mind what it wants it intoxicating.

Perhaps before too long you’ll be showing someone else the ropes?

Brand New Gym & Spa in Devon
Brand New Gym & Spa in Devon

Our Salt Gym and Alchemist Spa at the Woolacombe Bay Hotel in North Devon have been purpose built for wellness.

We use experienced trainers, scientifically proven fitness equipment, hot tub & pool, swedish sauna, and our own bespoke spa treatments. Everything you need to get fit, get healthy and chill out.

It’s not just guests that can use our facilities either—visitors are welcome too.

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